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  1. Duh! Now that's a good question.
  2. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do well.
  3. Redhaze737


    Don't know when, but it costs a bit more for black. I think it's $30 per head.
  4. No, but since you don't wear my size I might be able to let you know if and when I come across something. PM sent.
  5. In a very limited number and I'm keeping it a secret. Sorry. Unless....what size do you wear?
  6. Redhaze737

    Sonartec HB-001 Hybrid

    And those choices would be...............
  7. Redhaze737

    How often do you play / practice

    So you say. Unfortunately, by the time you retire I assume you will be older. Take it from me when you get older playing, practicing, and going to the gym to keep or gain strength takes it all out of you. I can not spend all day at the course like I did 35 years ago when I was in the Army and spent at least half of every day at the course. Early morning at the golf course, work afternoon and night. Early morning at the flight line, afternoon at the golf course. Oh yeah, those were the days. Now that I'm in my 60's, early 60's, I can spend all day at the golf course, but my body pays for it the next day. Even then I go to the gym. Then the next day at the driving range changing my swing. Then to the gym.....yadda yadda yadda. I love being retired and I spend all the time I can at the golf course. Unfortunately, it ain't like it was back in the day. Enjoy it while you can my friends. Mother nature catches up to you in the end. :=)
  8. Redhaze737

    Golf in Thailand

    I don't know if I would feel good driving in Thailand. I have too many memories of driving a jeep around Udorn 30 some years ago. :=)
  9. Redhaze737

    Golf in Thailand

    Am I correct in saying this is in the south of Thailand? What's the best way to get there from Bangkok? Are there good hotels in the area?
  10. Redhaze737

    Sonartec HB-001 Hybrid

    I picked up a GS Tour 3 wood for my wife yesterday and saw the new club. I was told that this new hybrid will get the ball up in the air easier than the current MD. Personally I like the boring ball that seems to snap off the club face that the MD provides. I wouldn't trade it for anything at this stage. I was also told that now that Sonartec has separated from Royal there will be new products out on a more robust cycle.
  11. Redhaze737

    Swing Software Program

    I also use Cswing. I recommend Panasonic video cameras. I believe they have available several 3 CCD cameras with fast shutter speeds. You need at least 1/2000 sec. for decent slow motion.
  12. Redhaze737

    The J-Spec Way of Riding

    I wonder how these work on hilly courses and making it across small 'ditches' and such?
  13. Redhaze737

    JDM bag setup...

    It's the little things in life....that little velcro strap where you can hang your glove is one of those - duh. Why isn't that on every bag? Thanks for sharing. I'd like to hear about the black gold shafts when you have time. Aloha
  14. Redhaze737

    JDM Irons - S200 Shafts

    I'll let him know what you think. Maybe we can get something going. I did a few 'uh whats' when I read his emails. All in all it doesn't make much difference in that each to his own. In my mind it's just fun to hear different opinions. I figured it would get a loud response on this forum with all of us interested in forged and JDM equipment. It all started because this company only makes cast irons. I thought that was somewhat strange with all the high end forged equipment being produced. I think 'full of crap' may be somewhat strong as I think these people have a good rep in the industry and with US professional players. Whether their opinion is the end all to be all is perhaps another thing. Once again, as I say - to each his own. I'll see if I can get a little more response going from your expressed opinion.