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  1. Don't know when, but it costs a bit more for black. I think it's $30 per head.
  2. I also use Cswing. I recommend Panasonic video cameras. I believe they have available several 3 CCD cameras with fast shutter speeds. You need at least 1/2000 sec. for decent slow motion.
  3. I wonder how these work on hilly courses and making it across small 'ditches' and such?
  4. It's the little things in life....that little velcro strap where you can hang your glove is one of those - duh. Why isn't that on every bag? Thanks for sharing. I'd like to hear about the black gold shafts when you have time. Aloha
  5. I'll let him know what you think. Maybe we can get something going. I did a few 'uh whats' when I read his emails. All in all it doesn't make much difference in that each to his own. In my mind it's just fun to hear different opinions. I figured it would get a loud response on this forum with all of us interested in forged and JDM equipment. It all started because this company only makes cast irons. I thought that was somewhat strange with all the high end forged equipment being produced. I think 'full of crap' may be somewhat strong as I think these people have a good rep in the industry and with US professional players. Whether their opinion is the end all to be all is perhaps another thing. Once again, as I say - to each his own. I'll see if I can get a little more response going from your expressed opinion.
  6. This from a US manufacturer regarding steel shafts after I asked why they only use Dynamic - NOT Dynamic Gold but Dynamic: "The shafts you rec'd in our irons are specifically designed by and for us...each CPM between clubs is 5-6 frequencies and total weight difference of about 7 grams..and swing weight +/- 1. If you take a black marker and balance each club on your finger and then mark the balance point of each club on the shaft and then stand them up you'll see a nice straight linear line on each club, right above the steps of each shaft." "Each club has inherent MOI that allows you to punch shots or "go for it". The shaft only loads depending upon the amount of work applied. There's no two shaft alike...as different as fingerprints. You name the shaft, we've tried it..Nippon has kick and balance problems...Dynamic Gold, trust me are not as good as the Dynamics we use..call me sometime and I'll tell you how the Gold came about..The Dynamics are still truly the best shaft made, we make certain the 'Distribution of Mass" is equal thru out the shaft and this gives the clubs from a "Jump On" to a "small punch shot" repeatability in feel and loading and why not one club feels any different from another stick." Here's what they say regarding forged: "On forged , yes years ago forged was the ultimate...but no longer. With advanced processes, such as our pressure cast is the ultimate , but also the most costly. Our irons are made with 4 different metals that meld into each club head....which in turns gives a MUCH softer feel to the clubs and better feedback. Very few forged are still truly forged today...they may say "Form Forged"..as ???? does which is not forged at all, but just plain old cold formed. Forged clubs are soft and was the only option available years ago...but our clubs for example are softer then forged, and far more stable in maintaining the loft and lie settings." "Our R & D which is headed by myself..has the experience of a few of us being former players, a PhD in engineering and understand Feel and metallurgy. Also the only club company owned and operated by PGA professionals and ex -tour players. The same clubs you have are identical as we send to our Tour players, same shafts, same everything..no bait and switch." I haven't called him yet to get the skinny on the Gold. I've cut and pasted, but have not changed the intent of what he is saying. I removed the name of the Company he said is not forged. It's not Japanese, but a well known US Co. All for what it's worth.
  7. Speaking of Gold's Factory, anyone play the irons and would like to tell me about them?
  8. I would like to know if you or anyone else on the forum has hit the OnOff driver and your impression versus the Epon. I've hit my wife's OnOff and the first thing I mentioned was how soft the face felt when I hit the ball. Ok, so it was high and hooking due to the soft shaft, but soft. :=) I'm considering an OnOff driver.
  9. Paradiso makes a very nice line of golf shirts, but they are impossible to find. Once in a blue moon you see a couple in a golf shop. I know there are hats here at TSG. I'd like to know where to see and buy their shirt line. Anyone have any information on them? I believe it's a branch of Bridgestone or they rep them. Aloha
  10. Ah. Hey, I was close eh? :=)
  11. Didn't I just see a post by someone looking for this exact set? It was a couple days ago I think. You might want to do a search.
  12. So.....the Ozik TP-6 would be the value point as it's only $650 - cough, choke, sputter - and it has it all. Where the other TP's are $1,000? I guess my question is this: To any of you who have hit this shaft and the AXIV shafts (or any other high end shaft) - can you tell the difference? And do you have to be swinging either at high speed, say over 110 MPH, or have a very quick transition to feel or experience any difference? Would anyone swinging smoothly at 100 MPH get any benefit from spending an addition $400 to $600?
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