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    2018 changman

    Hi gang, AFK since 2016. Looking fwd to meeting you all. Peace Changman
  2. xchangmanx

    Great Article on our ol friend Tario!

    #=Ditto #above ^^^^^^^^
  3. xchangmanx

    2018 changman

    Domo! oldies but goodies: wish i kept them maru wedges... I sold them to a member on TSG over 5 years ago, can't for the life of me remember the name. I know he is in Aberdeen. If you still out there pal, hit me up!
  4. Missed you all... I'm back from back injury, wow it feels good to get out in the sun and hit the water.
  5. xchangmanx

    N.S Pro Modus3 System3 Tour 125 Shafts

    I've been away from the forums for some time, but have taken interest in these shafts. Anyone know how they compare to the old 1150gh tours? I assume the modus line is an upgrade from the GH tours?
  6. xchangmanx

    Leaderboard results

    Every other night for me its 15 mins of straight leaderboard. Both pics are at impact... 1st pic is about 7 months ago before the leaderboard... 2nd pic is recently(using the leaderboard). Pics don't show that much of a difference, but the feel is totally another story. Notice weight is a roll over of the right insole instead of the toe and right heal lifting(knees more together). This alone has changed my game tremendously. Second is my take away, instead of coming way inside, I've been working on keeping the head of the club outside my hands more until my arms are at least past 8oclock. Again before and after. Pics of club head lag I have increased. before and after Last wider more power full base for better balance. I find myself inbalance on every shot since I've been using the leader board, From Day 1 avge yrd gain is 5 yrds on every club, but the major difference is the amount of effort I put into the swing now as opposed to before using the training device. And secondly is the ball striking and distance consistency. I must say, this device is worth the money alone for that department. I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Still much improvement to do, but overall, its easy to setup and use, small to store and worth the $.
  7. xchangmanx

    Leaderboard results

    D- Alot have mixed results w/LB. I like it, helped me hit the ball farther. FAT- Thx for the compliment. Note- i noticed you have clubes prepped by G! Nice!
  8. xchangmanx

    Leaderboard results

    Haven't golf in a year. Finally going back! No leaderboard =( gotta get another...
  9. A while ago i built this rig, and haven't powered her on for over 8 months. I finally turned it on and started the endcoding again! OMG security patches! 8 months worth god.... ugh Full 100% load never goes over 48c I average about 11c on cpu and mobo loop Vid card ave is about 32c 44c highest under load I remember Tario asking to post some pics... So here we go...
  10. Just wanted to say Hi to fellow TSGers. I've been away for awhile.... all work and no play... the forum looks great!
  11. I've always been a Honda Fan, from the from the old championship bikes to the hybrid insight... My highschool car was a "hand-me-down" 92 civic hatchback from an uncle. Growing up w/expensive gas, I've always prefered the small motors or compact sports cars to large v8s,... So at my first chance, I bought my first car Brand New from Honda in Aug 07. She is 4.5 years old and only used about once a month for weekend drives. I hope honda decides to release another rear wheel drive car in the future for the affordable market. All Stock No upgrades. I hope to be driving this car 30 years from now.... =)
  12. xchangmanx

    Crazy shaft fitted to rocketballz.......

    Just picked up a Tour 9* RBZ from Roots and Relics. I'll try out the stock shaft for now... might have to put my 9003s in it, if i can't make it work. How do you guys feel about TM's stock TPHD6 shaft? *Sorry for hjacking ur thread>
  13. Yes Stevo and Duff are right. Folding is like SETI, but for Standford College and protien folding research,... My grandfather passed away from cystic fibrosis and Aunt from leukemia. My grandmother suffers from dementia, Much of my family has contracted some from of cancer, and I have a great aunt right now w/Alzheimers; so this is my way of contributing. Here is an old video:
  14. Its kinda outdated, but I'm a folder.. and on the EVGA classified team. Overclocking etc etc.. In 2010 we won the folding championship which allowed us to claim rights to the golden monkey of 2010. Thats my folding ID and points per min.
  15. xchangmanx

    Leaderboard results

    My Leaderboard officially broke. One of the hinges plastic=broke on the rails. I'm gonna fix it w/a door hinge. T
  16. xchangmanx

    Epon 210KGX wedge In Hand Images!

    Ima a fan of the 208s I just p/u a set for my brother. I was interested in this wedge but not to much feedback... only 2 posted.... so i stuck w/the 208... I've had the best shots of my life w/that wedge, and my first set is still pulling the ball back 5 feet over 2 years now... I love the gold.... after 3 years the tarnished gold/copper is the only color i want to look down at when hitting the ball. Plenty confidence. I only hope to hear more on this one...
  17. XS those guys... they make me want to spend the dollars! copper tubing !
  18. Rig 1=Future Folder adding more Fermis 980EEx running at 4.245ghz WOOOTER never touches 60c pushes 46kppd w/1 GTX 480SC Rig 1 core i9 6core baby! Rig 2 920 @ 4.425ghz 24/7 makes 32kppd on the chip alone no vid card Rig 2 core i7 My EOC/Stanford User: Rochi12 Anyone else fold/OC besides Gocchin? Post up ur Rigs!! T
  19. xchangmanx

    Leaderboard results

    Yeah thanks jackson, i get about 1-3 yards rollout w/the 8 iron after it lands. been working on taking it back more online also... and not shutin the face... ball kinda going straighter
  20. xchangmanx

    Leaderboard results

    Hey gang, finally got my cpu repaired.. or rather rebuilt... i7 975 x58 asus, nvida 285gtx evga, 9 gigs corsair, rumax 850, the gamer sound card, enough fans to keep me mute inside 10 feet. Wanted to run ATI's new 58 or 59 series for the eyeinfinity... but ah.. sold out everywhere here in hawaii... so bummbers!! Runs solid though, I can't complain... Been over 6 months since I've been on the boards.... haven't been golfing as much and my leaderboard is out w/a friend.... I've developed a massive draw, though I don't mind... but my straight shot is nowhere to be found when I need it.. Two vids... w/the draw came extra yards Pw-150 8 iron 170 now 5 iron is still about 200-205 + w/roll driver roll a ton.... 275+ 8 iron to a 168 flag pin high... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfypU01BIrY Driver going way right and then back in.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBYjxKE6cZg Still using Epon AF701s and the R9460 w/the GD 9003 Epon KGX wedges 2 years now and the wedges are still my favs next to the yamaha's...
  21. xchangmanx

    New Sky Dream Jump CF I Forged and Milled CB

    Indeed those are eye pleasing. One piece forge w/a hollowed out back chamber... omg I love it.
  22. xchangmanx

    Leaderboard results

    Been off the leaderboard for a good 2 months now, my friend co-worker is using it. Seems as though on my wood shots I'm standing more upright, and I'm loosing distance. 3 wood goes far but I was hitting a draw which rolled alot more w/the LB training. Added video:
  23. xchangmanx

    new irons

    Hey G, I've played the Burner 09 irons 3-A for about 5 rounds... The lot of 7 iron to the 3 iron are super forgiving. The lofts are exteremly strong and the length of the club is even longer than the std... it pays off. If you need help w/distance, the only other club that makes the table is the Epon AF701 which is about 5-10 yards shorter than these 09 burners. 3 iron goes about 250 5 iron goes about 220 7 iron goes about 180 The Stock 85 gram shaft is really sloppy though, I think if you can get DG S300 or X100s in there these would perform swell. I'm currently playing Epon AF701s irons w/PX6.0s and the difference in distance is the burners are indeed longer, prob about 10 yards or so... Tim
  24. xchangmanx

    GD P9003 - how does it play?

    It is a good shaft BUY IT!! swing hard and watch the ball go straight!!