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  1. Crazy F16 head only. Mint condition. No headcover. $120 usd shipped worldwide. PRGR 17* Egg Spon head only. No headcover. $100 usd shipped worldwide. PRGR TR-X 370 Driver Head Only. No headcover. $45 usd shipped worldwide
  2. MGPT

    Crazy CBi-01 Evolution Iron Shaft 5-Pw

    Oh man these look great. In terms of stiffness and launch angle, which common shaft would these be most similar to? I play S300 and hit them well but SS is below 100.
  3. I'm extremely interested but tight on funds. If the aussie dollar was stronger I'd take it!
  4. I have no way to try before I buy with JDM stuff so want some suggestions for drivers to try out. I've been playing a Dymo 380 for the last few years and love it but forgiveness is obviously not the best. My problem is I despise the pancake-on-stick look of modern drivers. So I'm looking for something 420-460cc that looks relatively compact at address and is reasonably forgiving (miss is high block/slice).
  5. Out of interest, how do you find the 52* Frogs leap? I'm really interested in getting one as I think it could be a good match with my 58* PM grind given the shape and size.
  6. MGPT


    Hi, are the 502's the one that has the gel in the head?
  7. Any chance you have a 52* Frog's Leap to sell along with it?
  8. MGPT

    R flex driver shaft

    I have a raw Crazy RD shaft at 43", would only play at 44.5 though I think.
  9. Nike Dymo 380. Rare small headed tour issue club. 10.5* head only. $230 usd shipped worldwide. Nike SQ2 4 Wood. Tour Issue with no paintfill on face and longer hosel. Head only. $85 shipped worldwide.
  10. MGPT

    Crazy FW80

    Looking for a Crazy FW80 to play in a 7-wood. Let me know if you have anything.
  11. MGPT

    Crazy Wedge shafts

    Ideally 110g version but interested in any. Let me know what you got!
  12. Man I want these clubs badly. What's the best price you can do shipped to Australia (6028)?
  13. Do you have headcovers? And which grips are on these?
  14. Hey guys, I have a few questions on these irons: 1. Have any of you hit them and have any feedback on their performance? 2. Do you know where I can find the lofts of each iron? 3. Was there a black version of this club made?
  15. MGPT

    Any JDM 27* Hybrids?

    Cool thanks. Out of that list, which would be more forgiving and high launching?