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Found 2 results

  1. I have seven drivers and need to offload some of them, given that I played 7 rounds of golf this year.. Can't really justify having them all. So, here goes: Grand Prix Platinum 10°, white/pearlescent with black face. Perfect sound with a low thud. I love the awe I get when I pull out this driver, it just stands out above the rest. Gorgeous. The Diamana X certainly don't need an introduction. Just an amazing shaft through and through. This is a 1500 USD combo in excellent condition (apart from slight yellowing on the hosel from changing a shaft with too high heat arrgh). I hit it straight but don't get the distance out of it that I need. Getting older is not helping here... It is just about 45" and a D2 swing weight, will confirm for serious buyer. Looking for $475 $399.
  2. Hello Since I had a few posts active I thought I'd make it a big one and slash prices. ALL items INCLUDEDS shipping worldwide via standard international shipping. Grand Prix One minute driver 9.5 degree with Fujikura/Muziik BangVoo premium shaft at 46 inch long and CPM of 250. Small paint scratch on sole otherwise pristine condition. Original headcover in mint condition. Swingweight unknown. head - 8/10 (becuase of scratch). shaft and grip - 9.5/10. SOLD gifted via paypal. Masda L shaped putter with copper finish at 34 inch and a midsize black grip and original headcover. Loft at 2 degree, lie at 72 degree and clubweight at 520 gram. Plastic has been removed and putter has been tested indoors. Condition is 9.99999999/10. SOLD gifted via paypal. Epon AF-301 set 5-pw with headcovers and limited edition Nippon 999GH black shafts in S flex and black elite grips. Shafts are lightweight and really smooth feeling. 5i lenght is 38 inch, standard Lie and Loft. Shafts and grips were new for this build. Heads - 7/10 (some bag chatter but nothing serious, faces are really good). shafts and grips - 9.5/10. removed gifted via paypal. Dont hesitate if you have any questions about the gear. Sorry for pics being tilted but the uploader wont coop with me.
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