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  1. Up for sale, PRGR Egg PX-03, 13 deg 3 wd, head only. $75 $50 Make an offer Sold. Honestly, this head is sitting in a desk drawer. It deserves a better home. A chance to feel the crisp air, dew of the morning grass, the poly of a golf ball. It's a sad existence in a drawer, always dark. Someone give this egg a new home. One of the easiet and longest 3 woods to hit. The original egg. thx for looking.
  2. Anybody have a 2016 PRGR Egg Utility hiding in your closet ? Looking for 23* or 25*. Thanks !
  3. Looking for a PRGR 2015 New Egg UT. Either the #5 or #6 (preferred) hybrid. Flex either M-40 or M-37. Thanks.
  4. I'm usually carrying 3 and 5 hybrid in between 3w and 5i. After getting PRGR new egg spoon, I'm tempted to get egg+ utilities too but I'm not sure which 2 degrees I should get between 3&5 and 4&6. Since my 5 iron has 25 degree, I'm pretty sure egg 6ut (25) would go further than 5i but how further? If I choose 5ut (23), I'm also afraid that it would leave too much gap from 5i. My SS is 95-100 mph and my usual 5i distance is 170-175. Since I haven't measured my new 3w distance, I assume it would go around 220-230. If PRGR egg utilities are not as good as woods, I would greatly appreciate your recommendation too.
  5. Hi guys! Have here a set of PRGR Egg woods that I recently purchased used and tried to see how it works out for me. They are all the latest models of their Egg lineup. They are all great clubs, very forgiving and Looooooong! but unfortunately a bit too light for me overall. Rather than disassembling and reconfiguring an already great setup, I thought it might make more sense to sell them as they are to someone who prefers a lighter set up. Also have a couple of great Odyssey putters as well. So here they are 1. SOLD! PRGR Egg 1 Driver 7.5* / Diamana W 60 Stiff 46" Factory installed custom shaft. Crown has some rub marks and hairline scratch which you can see if you look closely. Sole has some light marks from usage. but minimal. Hardly any marks on the face. Comes with Headcover One of the hottest in the JP market currently. Don't be intimidated by the 7.5* loft. It is rather easy to launch. The head is designed so that really the trajectory is as high as any 9.5 or 10deg out in the market. Kind of the opposite of the SLDR loft up idea. Retails new for around $800 with this shaft. I am selling this one for $450 $400 Net PP shipped in U.S. 2. SOLD!! PRGR Egg Spoon 15* / Diamana Thump FW 65 Stiff 42.5" Factory installed shaft. Top line has a tiny scratch which I tried to capture in a pic but honestly hard to see at address Face and Sole has no noticeable marks. Comes with Headcover No additional explanation needed here. :) Combined with a Diamana Thump FW ! Ball really goes forward with a strong trajectory! 3. SOLD!! PRGR Egg i+ 4 UT 21* / Fujikura MCH 60 Stiff 40.5" Factory installed shaft. Face and sole has very faint marks if you look hard enough. Other than that, looks close to new. Comes with Headcover One of the most forgiving utilities I have tried. Fujikura MCH shaft has great stable feel to it. 4. SOLD!! Gold's Factory Custom Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #2 34" 592g overall weight Some hairline scuffs on the sole. but overall in excellent condition. No dings or noticeable marks from address. Comes with Gold's Headcover Gold's Factory Modified with SUS303 PZ milling face insert. Beautiful Satin finish. Bought it from a member here in this BST a couple of months ago. Heavy head and heavy shaft. Unbelievably stable for a blade. PZ milling provides amazing roll and feel of the face. Hate to let this one go as it is probably one of the softest feeling putters I have ever owned. Unfortunately, I am not a blade putter player as my stroke needs a face balanced putter. It was definitely still worth the try! 5. JDM Odyssey White Rize ix V-line #5 / 35" Sole has a couple of hairline scratches. Looks great other than that. Super Strike 2.0 grip Still in great condition. Missing original headcover. Will include a Como Come mallet cover. Easy to align with the Hi-Def Liner ix insert has great feel slightly firmer than White Hot insert. Not as firm as White Ice insert. $125 $110 Net PP shipped in U.S.
  6. The new PRGR Super Egg Iron, pretty interesting I was about to brush it off until I say the minimal offset and wondered if PRGR is on to something. #Powered by Eggs #Ilikeinnovation
  7. Pics of the new Egg 1 Driver, Review can be found on the GolfToImpress Blog
  8. Like the title states, looking for a Crazy FW80 shaft in 6.9 flex for my PRGR Egg 3 wood. Stock M-43 shaft is to light for my swing. Thanks!
  9. ALL JDM SOLD ... will move adams else where ... close thread plz ... thanks tsg! ok finally got the bag set and no driver is apart of the set up.... s-yard .388 , PRGR egg 5 wood, and Adams Superline Super S first time selling here but sold few things over on wrx ... paypal only First up... S-Yard .388 10.5 SR stock AD Shaft .... CHEAP PRICE AT $SOLD!!!(never seen cheaper yet) good condition... little small chip on top 2nd.... PRGR Egg 5 wood Tour AD Quattro Tech 75s shaft with orange no1 grip.... $SOLD ok condition ... lead tape residue left on the bottom last is not JDM but still for sale Adams Superline Super S with stock Matrix Stiff shaft .... $75 shipped GREAT condition ... barely used buy the syard and the Prgr egg both for $525 SHIPPED! $575 for all 3 .... i need get these out of the house! OBRO!!!
  10. The famed and long Egg Spoon PX-03D 15* 3W head and original h/c only. Want to move this so price reduced! Good deal for a good head and original H/C in good condition!
  11. Up for sale is a very lightly used PRGR 14.5* Egg Spoon w/ the brand new, unused headcover This was special ordered with the Fubuki AX f75x5ct Stiff Shaft and installed at PRGR Comes with PRGR grip and authenticity sticker on the shaft Very little normal wear and NO SKY MARKS $515 shipped in the U.S.- $535 shipped Worldwide HEAD IS SOLD AND HEADING DOWN UNDER SHAFT IS AVAILABLE- MAKE ME AN OFFER!
  12. Today's range session really opened my eyes. Bigger is not necessarly better for me. I was never a good FW hitter, in fact I am quite a hacker;) Therefore, I thought a bigger head will be better and more forgiving. But somehow the bigger head makes me not hit through the ball correctly. In today's session, I have been handed over an old Callaway 4W. The head looked really small and at first kind of scary. But after the first hit, it just felt more comfortable to swing. Hard to describe. Maybe, it just suits my eye better and makes me more comfortable. Therefore, I decided to trade my 3W for a 4W. Up for trade is my PR-GR Egg Spoon 15° (original version) shafted with a Diamana Iliama 70S and a dual compound Sharpro grip. Playing at 42,5 inch. The pics were taken today and show the actual condition of the club. As you already might have thought, I am looking for a compact 4FW or even 5FW head. I liked the the looks of the Jbeam FX-BM FW HG, the Kamui FW or the Crazy Black FW. But I am open to any suggestions.
  13. I have other SWEET items listed on GolfWRX as well so go check them out! 1.) 17* PRGR Egg Spoon ultra high end custom Matte black paint job, 100% better than factory! shaft was pulled, spined and re-installed with a much better looking ferrule! 9/10 condition <<<<<SOLD>>>>> 2.) Factory built Titleist 910 tip Graphite Design DJ-6 stiff played 44.5' gripped in my 910D3 9/10 condition <<<<<$215.00 shipped US, $235.00 overseas>>>>> Many of you know me, my discriptions are spot on any my reputation is prestine so all sales are final. If shipping US I will send via Fedex Ground and attach tracking to Paypal. If overseas I will ship via USPS and forward US Customs number. Thanks...BB
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