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  1. Hey everyone, Looking to unload a bunch of gear. To be honest, I was more of a tinkerer than a hardcore player, so majority of these items are in very good to excellent condition. Domestic US shipping is baked in the price (will have to quote international). Local pick up is good too (San Jose, CA). Open to hearing offers. ***NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES at this time*** Let me know if you have any questions! - Epon 302 Satin 4-PW + Design Tuning Shafts Stiff Flex (Shimada Tour 105g) Standard L/L The 4 iron is in a stock Shimada tour shaft stiff flex 105g. Standard length and lie. Always used club head covers - very good condition ($SOLD) - Epon Zen Putter 34" Standard loft/lie - excellent condition ($500 $450) - Epon i33 Putter 34" Standard loft/life - excellent condition ($500 $450) - Yamada Musashi Putter in Burning Copper finish 33" - good condition - has a couple nicks on the top-line, would be great for golds refinish ($700) - Ryoma 4 hybrid 24* Standard L/L- very good condition ($250 $200) - Romaro Type-R Fw 3* + Bassileus FW55 stiff Standard L/L ($SOLD) - Epon Carry-on Golf Bag Stand - good condition. ($SOLD) - Onoff Caddie Golf bag - excellent condition ($SOLD) Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi Folks, Now it's my turn to offload the Zen.. (Grip changed to Camel colour Gripmaster Stichback Leather Grip) Original Head Cover lost but using an Epon Shin Magnetic Headcover instead.. Will throw in a WinWin Style "Lucky Gods" Putter Cover as well, which was purchased from TSG. (Check it out) Length brought down to 33" but no other alteration done to it.. (Did not dare change the shaft as was advised by some TSGers to not mess with the Zen for fear of losing the unique feel) Needs no introduction, and judging by the situation that a few of these got sold not too long ago, unlikely another one is going to pop up too soon.. Condition is not mint but very good.. A couple of dings from bag chatter (Unfortunately the result of a round where the head cover was lost after the first hole).. Had a head cover always on after that incident.. I still have the original Epon Grip but slightly worn at the butt end due to scrapping with other clubs whilst being taken out and putting into the bag.. Which is why I decided to change the original grip (builder managed to save it) to the Gripmaster Stichback. Let me know if you wish to have the Original Grip.. Looking at USD Paypal Gifted (Worldwide Shipping Included) Absolutely not interested in any trade. Not desperate to offload this and would not be disappointed to hold on to this indefinitely.. Happy to provide more pictures if you need..
  3. I missed the first offering of the Epon Zen here on TSG, but fell hard for the pictures and writeup. Then was glad to see one show in the BST, and grabbed it. Little did I know the adventure I was about to embark on... The Zen arrived, but was poorly packed and shipped, and the sight of the flat smashed box made my heart sink right at the front door. Sure enough, when I opened it, the shaft was splintered (by our lovable USPO), but I was relieved that the head seemed fine except for the slight bag nick disclosed by the seller. So, after getting over my rage/disappointment, the rational side of me took over and I immediately gave Goodsie, the miracle builder, a call. And soon my Zen baby was on the way down to Austin. Well, long story told, it arrived back in my hands last weekend just in time for my birthday and when I opened the package this time, the clouds parted and I heard the music I expected the first time 'round. Goodsie reshafted it with with a finely tuned UST Mamia Frequency Filtered and we added a new grip I got from BestGrips.com called the Major Leaguer, which is made out of the leather used for major league baseball gloves (it even smells like your favorite mitt...) embossed with my initials in the nice subtle touch I prefer. And Goodsie even retouched the tiny bag chatter nicks to perfection. And then after rolling it on my practice putting green, I took this baby to the club. And ho-o-o-ly-y-y-y-y! I never thought anything would feel as sweet as the Yamada I had refinished by Master Sasaya at Gold's over the summer, but this thing is softer than butter, sort of like a chamois coated butter stick. I rolled in two 30-foot birds, and had one of my best putting rounds in a long time. I literally can't wait to pull it when i arrive at the green. This is one rare bird, and I'm grateful to TSG and hugely to Goodsie for putting it in my bag. Love the grip, too, in case anyone's interested in trying something new and novel. Guess my putter rotation goes back to an even two... Here's some pics:
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