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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all. First sale here but please feel free to check my eBay username for feedback (titaneous69). Items to be shipped from Canada (Toronto) to Canada or USA ideally - if outside, please let me know so I can check shipping costs. Would like to sell the irons as looking at another set but open to trades on the driver. Cheers. 1. Romaro Ray H. 3-PW, S200 shafts, ROIR JAPAN grips (near new), 37.75in 5 iron, standard lofts and lies. Excellent condition (see photos): faces are excellent - there is a closeup of the 8iu that has the most wear. 3-4 iron barely hit. Mild scratches on the back of the 8i - photo of that also. Scratch on sole of 9i - also see photo. These are beauties but very similar to a number of sets I have and therefore am looking to purchase something a bit different. Looking for 670$USD , 625$, 575$ , now 500$ shipped (US/Canada) and PayPaled ([email protected]) LETS MOVE EM!! Purchased another set (of course....). 2. VEGA RAD 04 11 degree Driver with Quadra Fire Express MAX WBQ 65x, tipped about 1 inch. No sky marks. Comes with head cover. Some of the magnets are struggling (see photo). Awesome driver and super awesome shaft - very stable, not board-like at all. Really impressive. I get too much spin so looking for something nice that is a bit adjustable. For buying, say USD 295 shipped (US and Canada) and PAyPAled. A lot of driver and shaft here!! Thanks for looking!!!
  2. This is a one time, low heat, very good condition PULLED Quadra Fire Express FW 55 shaft in SR flex. Plays to 43 inches finished length in the PRGR Egg Spoon 15*. Very lightly used as I only play my 3W off the TEE and never off the deck so at most 3 times a round and sometimes never. Selling Price : $315 shipped and paypaled. Shipped anywhere with tracking. Lots of good feeback on wrx as well and have recently purchased from TAE here as well. Thanks for looking.
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