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Found 5 results

  1. Can someone fill me in to what the differences are between the Crazy Nero Longest Yard 01 and the Crazy REGENESIS Longest Yard 01? Is one the newer replacement of the other or do they have different shaft bend profiles?
  2. hey guys, i'm currently using a ryoma maxima type g w/ a TJ-46 6.7 flex, 1/2 inch tipped. i'm looking to upgrade and not sure whether to change the shaft or driver head or both. my ss is 95-100mph and distance avg 240-260yds....so i'm debating between getting a LY02 or AAA 2015.....any advice on the differences? much appreciated....
  3. My trusty Jbeam 3W is being replaced. Therefore, I am offering it here now. Well used conditiion but nothing that affects playability. Condition can be seen in the pictures. If more pictures are required, I can send them via email. The head is shafted with a Crazy LY-02 stiff at 42,5" and D2ish SW. If memory serves me well it was tipped 1/4". Did not really like the shaft in the driver but in the 3W it came to life. Awesome combo. Perfect for driver SS of around 95-100 mph imo. No head cover. Asking 150 USD net excl. shipping.
  4. I know it's longshot. I have a Crazy CRZ460 10º shafted with a crazy ly02 stiff. Actuall looking for a S-Yard T.388. Trading head only or as complete club. If trading the whole club, I would be looking for a 10.5 SR flex. Oh, I would also through in the crazy h/c worth 99 usd. Trading conditions could be worked out. By the way,I would be shipping from Germany. Let me know.
  5. Selling some drivers built up in my collection. This driver is long and runs for ever aqs it spins low and launches strong but its time to let it go. Head shows signs of regular use, shaft is in great shape, grip is like new (recently changed). 10* Real Loft 250CPM (7" Clamp so approx 238-242 with 5" clamp and depending on machine) Depending on who measures it, 45.25"45.5" D3 Weight wrench included (its just a hex wrench and 4 weights (3 are in the head) 6g 6g 4g 1.5g) Crazy Longest Yard Limited Head Cover. New as built would be 1450.00 + 36.00 shipping. 640.00 shipped - paypal gifted please would be appreciated. Sorry for the sub par pics... raining outside and dark day unfortunately...
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