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  1. RLL33

    Seven MC-Bliss

    Okay, I've had these Seven MCB's in the bag for a couple of weeks' worth of rounds now. I wanted to wait before posting to be sure I wasn't over-the-top-honeymoon-insane (which I was from hitting just the 6-iron demo...). And I can now say I am just over-the-top golf insane. With these irons, I risk a claim of having found Nirvana... the Holy Grail... my hardware soulmate... or f**k it, all of the above. I've played JDM blades, musclebacks, cavitybacks, forged, cast, any and all combinations... and I've never felt anything like these Seven's. Look, feel, sound, length, precision, workability -- every aspect of the iron game is not only superb, it's unique. Every now and then I come across a club that amazes from the first hit. Not just because it sends the ball out in a streamer that matches the image in my head of the shot I would hit if I were able to hit the shot I want to hit. But because there is something surprising, or even shocking about the feel of the contact. It happened when I hit my first drive with Kobayashi's S-Yard T355. And years later when I rolled a putt with the Ryoma P3. And now with these MCB's. In fact, mentioning the P3 putter is appropriate here. The feel of these MCB's is, for me, the iron version of what that putter produces -- a feel unlike anything else I'm aware of in a golf club. Soft? Absolutely. But with a sticky rebound effect that effortlessly jumps the ball out there and yet allows varying control with ease. I think it was Mikey who first said of the demo that it's like a player's club that legitimately cheats for you. Perfect way to describe it. This iron is a tool that jumps everything I've learned about the golf swing to a level of consistent repeats of hitting my shots true. And with an enormous sweet spot and forgiveness all around it, that goosebumpy "nailed it" feeling gets repeated (for me) an unheard of number of times all through a round. Some specifics include the shaped leading edge that finally has allowed me to put the Special-K kikuya on my course out of mind. I haven't experienced the dreaded stuck in the ground wrist wrencher that takes several holes to recover from even once. The club glides through that stuff like it's actually grass... <g> And out of rough -- which on our course is sometimes like US Open rough -- I finally can hit a 5-iron or a wedge that I don't have to worry will kill off the worm population in the 50 yards in front of my angry face... Which brings me to the added wedge in the set, the AW. I've always played three wedges (four if you count the pitching wedge). But I've never had an AW as part of my iron set. This introduces another surprising variable with no jump to a new feel, different sole width, and shaft flex, etc, when it's time to go to a wedge beyond the pitching wedge. The result? More of that consistency that feels the way I've always imagined a perfectly tuned iron set ought to offer up and the confidence that inspires from all distances. Not to mention the reduction of the flyer effect out of gnarly s**t. Maybe the marriage of the Modus3 shaft with the MCB is part of the equation (along with the new Pro V1 ball). All I can say is the feel this combination produces has given me what I've long been searching for through all the different trials of graphite, steel, carbon, and composite shafts. Smooth beyond smooth. Power, length, control. For me, especially enjoyable is the knock-down traj that links golf taught me is my best scoring shot from 6-iron length. The MCB shoots those out with ease. And then launches a high 9-iron to the sky with a soft thwack that prepares you for the upcoming thump on the green that you wish could give you more of those GIR's on your card. Damn, I'm going to stop here at the risk of the golf gods descending on me this week with lightning bolts or something. But to anyone wondering if this club is worth the cost, I can only smile and hope that everyone's answer is no, as that will leave me with the unique advantage that this club gives. I offer congrats to Chris one more time. You've designed something truly special here and deserve grand kudos. You certainly have this golfer's big time thanks! Some quick pics: ...and of course... <g> --RL Seven-Seventeen-Seventeen