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Found 22 results

  1. Hello guys - shipping is not included in prices Ryoma p3 - 33 inches with original shaft and grip (headcover is worn out and need to be replaced 200 - 160 usd Epon 901 19 degree in great condition (headcover not in best shape) shipping 30 USD worldwide 185 - 160 usd Crazy F14 black - shipping 30 USD worldwide 100 70 usd UST frequency filter plays 33 inches in ryoma p3 10 usd TRPX 1st messenger in SX (butt trimmed down to 41,5 inches) played at 44.5 inches with adapter and driverhead 60 usd Graphite deisgn 9003x ( butt trimmed down to 41,75 inches) 100 75 usd Rombax type S in S2 (tipped 1 inch and butt trimmed down to 43 inches) played 44,5 without adapter. 40 30 usd Rombax Type S in stiff 85 grams played in a 3 wood (butt trimmed down to 41 inches) 60 50 usd Shimada tour lites 3-pw (3/8 increments butt trimmed) 3-4-5-6 iron are shorter and PW-9-8 is longer than standard (6i =38,8 inches) 125 100 usd Shimada K'ws wedge 120 hw 2 shafts 20 usd each Grips: 6 used stichback gripmasters (get gripmasters sticky residue and they will get as good as new ) and 1 brand new - never used. JOP 1.0 in blue - used for 5 months Trade interest: Perfect pro ribbed grips Paypal gifted - I ship from sweden - you pay for shipping or maybe we can split depends on what you buy - No grips are included on the shafts.
  2. TRPX (Triple X) Raytis * Touale Stiff Shaft w/ Taylormade Tip This shaft is 44.5” long and plays 46” $OLD Tour AD DI-6S Stiff Shaft with a Taylormade M1 tip The shaft is 44” long and plays 45.5” in an Taylormade M1 head SOLD Tour AD DI-7S Stiff Shaft with a Taylormade tip This is 42” long and plays 43.5” in a Taylormade Fairway head $135 shipped
  3. One of the three weight screw on the heel of the club went missing but I think you can simply replace it by using any crazy screw weight. It has some scratch on the bottom of the club. It also has some scratch on the shaft but nothing to affect the performance. It comes with original head cover and iomic grip Length: 45.25 SW: D1 I am selling for 490$ > 440$> 380$ includes shipping to US resident only.
  4. Now for a real rocket launcher! The JBeam RX-FW 15.5* 3 Wood is a HOT head And when it is paired with the TRPX "X-Line/ Concept 75" Stiff shaft stand back and watch them fly! This is also in very good shape (see pics) and comes with the original headcover Cost over $675, just looking to get back some of what I paid $399 shipped in the U.S. SOLD 3 Premium Items for Sale Tonight! First up is an amazing set of Epon AF-503 irons This set goes from a 4 iron to the PW (7irons) This set is shafted with Recoil 110's in stiff These also have a new Iomic Sticky 2.3's The 4 iron was never used in a round, just a couple of times in my net at home The 4 iron has the original Iomic Grey Camo grip that is still new The 5 iron is 38" and the lofts and lies are all standard Headcovers were always used there is very little to no bag chatter SOLD!! Next is a JBeam BM-535 10* driver head This is in very good shape with a couple of light scratches on the crown that can be seen in the right light There is light normal wear on the sole Comes with the original headcover SOLD
  5. TRPX Red Hot Fwy

    Put the new TRPX Red Hot Fairway shaft in an S-Yard XV 5-wd and was blown away. The XV fwy woods are, like their big brother the t.388 driver, missile launching, boring traj, long-ballers. I've been playing them with Matrix shafts, but yesterday with this Red Hot in the 5, I didn't take the 3-wd out of the bag once. Hit the No.1 hc hole on my course in 2 for the first time ever. This shaft is light and crisp, and produces what is advertised -- long, high draws. Combined with the lower traj head of the XV, the result is medium penetrating draw! Just love the feel, and in S-flex, all shots were tightly dispersed. Just ordered up another for my 3-wd...
  6. Unsold items withdrawn from Sale.. 1. TRPX D-013 Driver (9.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual minor scuff marks on sole. Very clean crown and face. 2. TRPX S-013 Driver (10.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6.5/10 Usage:- 2 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual scuff marks on sole (Slightly more than the D-013). Crown in very good condition. Paint Fill in one of the grooves came off a bit. 3. Yamaha 2014 RMX 01 Driver (9.5*) Head Only + Weight Kits/Adapter (No original Headcover but Onoff Headcover included) Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 9/10 Usage:- I bought it as used condition but have not even shafted it myself Comments:- Very Clean Sole and Crown. Faint ballmark on Face but barely noticeable. Got a lot of drivers to try in a bid to rebuild the bag but decided to go with T.388 and Honma TW717 for rotation. 4. TaylorMade 2014 Gloire Driver (10.5) + T.M GL2200 Shaft w/ Original Headcover & wrench Asking:- $$OLD Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions (2 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Usual scuff marks on Sole. Faint ballmarks on Face. Very Clean crown but tiny paint chip where the Face meets the Crown near the toe end. * All shafts are standard/default lengths as purchased from TSG/Dealer, no cutting done. The TRPX Drivers were installed by professional clubfitter with the same exact shafts for a clearer comparison. * TRPX Drivers does not come with the wrench or weight kits. * Shipping cost is conservatively estimated but actual shipping depends on your actual location. * Buyer shall be responsible for all import taxes, duties, and any other misc charges. Having said that, I have not encountered any thus far. Have already shipped several times to USA/Europe in the past. * Heads only can be considered on the TRPX Drivers but the rest should be as is.
  7. Purchased from ooss not too long ago. Hits great and some of my longest drives but my titleist is just a tad more consistent for me. Lifted ooss's description: TRPX D-013 10* shafted with TRPX Messenger Stiff. Plays 45.25" Couple of dings on the edge of the head, but completely unnoticeable at address. $525 shipped and insured continental US. Paypal gift or include 3.5% pp fee. thanks for looking.
  8. I am selling my crazy 435 fx bm-435 9.5 loft with extra weights - head only. The weights range from 1.5, 4, 6 to 8g. There is 1 8g weight that came from a trpx head. The head is in good shape and weighs approx. 201-202 with current weights in the head. I am asking $ shipped to US net to me. Any Reasonable Offers Will Be Considered. I have never shipped internationally. Please pm me if you have any questions. Thanks in advance.
  9. My first time selling here, but not online. ` I am selling my crazy 435 fx bm-435 9.5 loft with extra weights - head only. The weights range from 1.5, 4, 6 to 8g. There is 1 8g weight that came from a trpx head. The head is in good shape and weighs approx. 201-202 with current weights in the head. I am asking $400 shipped to US net to me. I have never shipped internationally. Please pm me if you have any questions. Thanks in advance.
  10. TRPX S-013 10.5 degree head only with tools, cover and original box. It's in good condition as show in photo below . one aluminum weight screw on the toe has slight wear, but it is firmly screwed in the other 2 screws are fine. Head weight around 198 gram Bought this from TSG member asking for Sold (shipped via EMS) you need to pay PP fee if any Any question feel free to PM me Thanks, Komson **So sorry just saw that I put a wrong month in my pics **

    Fellow TSG'ers, I've got some gear that's needs to be moved to make room for new gear. TRADED Modart MA01D 9.5 Great driver head. Feel is hard to beat. Easy to hit. It is in great condition except for a brush on the bottom. Purchased from a fellow TSG'er. Head only. SOLD Modart MA01F 16* Easy to hit 3 wood. You can actually pick a target and aim with this club. Purchased from TSG. Condition is near mint. Head only. SOLD Modart MA01H 22* Very easy to hit hybrid. Was very straight for me. Purchased from TSG. Good condition. Wear on the sole and face. Head only. SOLD Modart Suda wedges 52* and 58* OUTSTANDING wedges. I need a different grind and I just couldn't subject these things to a grind wheel. Shafts are Nippon Modus 3 Tour 130. Good condition for the 52*, very good condition 58* Graphite Design Tour AD MD-6x Quattrotech. Excellent shaft in excellent condition. Can go after it with this shaft. Purchased from another TSG'er. $150 TRPX X-Line Concept 75 SX. Driver shaft cut down (from butt end) for my 3 wood. This was my go to shaft. Might work for some else. Great shaft, great shape. Purchased from TSG. $175 Prices do not include shipping as we have members all over the world. Open to trades. All serious offers will be entertained. Thanks in advance.
  12. In search for a driver shaft for my RYOMA. Would consider trades for a low spin Jdm driver shaft in SX or X flex. At least 43.5 inches. Looking for DIAMANA stinger, X limited, Crazy boron etc. 1. TRPX X LINE CONCEPT HEAVY SHAFT SX FLEX ( between stiff and x stiff ) Heavier than original X line 75 grams. 43.75 inches Clean pull. Iomic x grip ribbed (japan or tour only grip) If you like a heavier driver shaft or want to cut down for a fairway this is an awesome top quality hand rolled shaft. TRADED 2. KURO KAGE BLUE Prototype shaft not available retail. 60 stiff A bit over 43.5 inches Golf pride tour wrap midsize grip. Similar profile to Blueboard. $125 OBO
  13. Hello guys, this my first post on BST but i've been a long time lurker on the forums (and first item (crazy fw) traded to Ash). Got the Crazy gears last December during a visit to Crazy factory with Tario. FINAL PRICE DROP! 1. Crazy Toyoshima wedge set 52/58 degrees. Head only (SOLD) - the sole on the 52 degree has some scratches due to rogue pebbles from the sand, face is pretty clean. Always used headcover in the bag. Pls refer to the pictures. - 58 degree is pretty clean, only normal play wear. Pls refer to the pictures. 2. TRPX S-013 10* head only (SOLD). - Decided to keep the CRZ460 and put this bad boy on the block. It's barely used - seen 2 range sessions only. I'd say it's an easy 9.5 / 10. Pls refer to the pictures for the true conditions. Discount if someone is willing to take the whole lot! Reasonable offers are also welcomed.
  14. Bought from TSG, 10.5*, about 196g. Come with all accessories: head cover, wrench, original weight rings (perfect condition, no damage at all), warrantee card. It's in really nice condition. Good thing to buy gear from a guy with low HS like me (remember my no-mark Epon Personal?). It's now shafted with Touale but will remove the shaft by one of only 2 fitters in BKK that I trust. Asking for $390 shipped anywhere via PP (I pay all shipping via EMS which will arrive you in 3-5 business days, but you'll PP fee if any) The photo below taken 15min ago. Thanks for looking. Mark
  15. Hi all, Up for sell is my good friend's head only TRPX S-013 10.5* head only. It's in excellent condition as you can see in the photo below (taken on the day I post this). As same problem with some TRPX heads, an aluminum weight screw on the toe has slight wear, but it is firmly screwed in (and can still be screw out to change the weight but with carefulness). The other 2 screws are fine. Bought here at TSG, the head comes with warrantee card, TRPX original wrench and head cover. Asking for $400 SOLD shipped via EMS (normally 3-5 business days to anywhere) but net to me (you pay PP fee if any). Let me know if any question. Thanks for watching. Mark
  16. Looking to trade my one time pull great condition Crazy TJ46 6.4 untipped and played to just under 45.5 grip on in a 435 head. My TJ46 comes with the Crazy warranty card and bought new from TSG. Looking for a one time pull great condition TRPX Messenger 1st SR flex untipped and at least 44 inches in length and bought from TSG. Level trade and we bear shipping costs from our respective ends. Thanks for looking.
  17. Crazy/trpx weights

    Gents found two 4g weights in working condition, would love to trade for 1g or 2g weights. Cheers. Vincent
  18. wtb used trpx

    no longer looking thanks. looking for trpx used in conUS.. preferably 9.5* d-013 model PM me with specs and price Thanks
  19. Final prices! no more discounting. so please do not ask. I have once again accumulated too many equipment over the last few months. Need to clear them out. Not looking for trades at this time. Prices are Paypal Net including shipping to CONUS. International shipping may be possible for some items for additional cost. TRPX S-013 9* head w/wrench and headcover 1deg open 196g Mint condition. SOLD JBeam FX Tour 425 Black IP 9.5* head w/headcover square face 201g Very good condition except minor brush mark on sole. SOLD JBeam FX Tour 425 10* head w/headcover square to slightly closed 206g used but not abused. normal marks from usage. SOLD Romaro 460HX Black 9* head w/headcover 9* Square face 199g Very good condition except for some marks on sole from usage. SOLD Titleist 909D3 9.5* w/ Diamana Stinger 70X I was told this club came from the JGTO Tour. Mint condition. Not splitting at this time. 44.75" approx. D3 swing weight SOLD JDM Titleist 983k H-Cr 7.5* non-conforming w/Stock Speeder S Not ridiculaously hard to hit. Awesome feel off the face. can still outdrive most modern drivers. Paint on leading edge of crown has had a minor touch up. Other than that in great condition. Fun little driver with great feel and sound! SOLD Shafts: All cosmetically and functionally in excellent condition Basileus Z 70 X 43.5" SOLD Crazy Black 50 7.7 43.75" SOLD Crazy TJ46 8.1 43.25" SOLD Crazy Black Tour 65 SX 43.5" SOLD Wedges Mizuno Yoro Custom R12 52* & 56* w/KBS Tour 120 S Black Nickel Chrome Very lightly used. SOLD
  20. Well, I finally decided to try another shaft with my S-Yard t.388. After consulting with Tario, he recommended the TRPX Messenger in S/R for me. (My swing is just on either side of 100 with my driver.) So I got it and sent it out to Goodsie for fine tuning. Just got it back on Friday. And after multiple hits on the range yesterday, I just had to lay this thing down to cool it off. I was burning the net at the end of the range, and it was burning my hands with excitement. So I set it down and snapped the above pic. Found I could work the ball in both directions, as with the stock S-Yard shaft. Easy swings were also similarly straight and penetrating. But a difference emerged when I teed it high and cut loose. First one was up near the top of the screen (which sits @230). Don't know if it shows in the pic, but there's a flap in the net toward the top near the second pole from left that I always try to hit because it's loose. Only touched it one other time a while back with the D1 Premia. But not only did I hit it with this thing twice, on the second the ball flew through and made that flap fly! That was when I put this baby down and went for my camera... To say I'm looking forward to getting it out to the course this week doesn't do it justice... Will report back after a couple of rounds, but once more thanks to Tario for the choice and to guys here for the reviews which made even this diehard S-Yard guy give something else a try. I didn't have luck earlier with some tries at Crazy shafts, but man, I agree with what others have said here, this TRPX is something special. Light but firm. Tight dispersion. Can really feel and control the kick. And oh yez, it is LONG. And for those interested, it seems to be a great matchup with the t.388, which I still feel is my "driver for life..." <g> --Richard
  21. Thought I'd start a TRPX review thread. For anyone who owns or has tried it, pls feel free to add to this thread.