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  1. Hi Guys, PRICE DROP! Miura CB2007 5-P, Aerotech Steelfibre i110cw stiff with brand new Golf Pride MCC plus 4 grey with 2 tapes. I got an extra 4 iron steelfibre shsaft and will send together with the set for free. Got a noticeable chip on 7 iron club face. $1400 $1000 plus shipping from Australia. Ryoma D1 V Spec 9.5 (Head only) $250 plus shipping Ryoma D1 Maxima Type V 9.5 with Tour AD MX-V 65S, many noticeable scratches on the head. shaft is pulled out but will ship with the head, $250 $200 plus shipping Epon 56 degree 210KGX wedge, head only as the shaft is a little bent, will get it removed before shipping. only used once. $100 plus shipping All prices asking are paypal gifted. PM me with your best offer.
  2. For sale Gold's Factory Hand Grind Wedge produced in 2012. With original certificate of authenticity. Shaft changed from original DG S200 to KBS Tour FST black and grip changed to golf pride MCC AW 51 degree SW 57 degree. 99% condition, only played 1-2 times on range. More photos available if required. please PM if interested Located in Hong Kong. Will quote shipping worldwide Selling for US$580 for the pair (excluding shipping)
  3. 2017 Epon Tour Wedge - 60 Degree. MSRP is $375. Precision Forged in Japan. Incredible feeling and super versatile wedge. Excellent condition with very little use. Hosel has been reamed out slightly. 300g $275 - Free Shipping Titelst Vokey Cold Forged Wedge Set straight from Japan - 52, 56, 60 Degree. MSRP was $250 per wedge. US Vokey wedges are cast whereas Japan Vokey's are Cold Forged for superior feel. These are buttery soft and perform extremely well from any lie. Super versatile wedge. Excellent condition, very little use. 300g, 296g, 290g $495 - Free Shipping. Seven 2016 Original Wedge - 64 Degree [/b]Insane Spin and very versatile, similar to the Vokey. Excellent condition. 306g $150 - Free Shipping Modus 3 System 125 Wedge Shafts, Shimada Tour Black Wedge Shafts, True Temper Spinner Shaft Selling these together for the guy who likes to experiment. Modus Lengths - 34.25", 34", 33.25" (.360 tip), 33" Shimada Lengths - 34.25" - 115g, 34" - 114g Spinner - 34 3/8" - 114g $125 - Free Shipping Continental US. $20 International Putter Shafts UST Frequency Filter - 30.75 - 96g Shimada 121-P 120g Putter Shaft - 31 1/8" $40 - Free Shipping Continental US. $20 International
  4. Hi all, i'm currently using yururi raw gekku for SW and looking for another wedge.. asked admin before abut titleist cold forged vokey and he recommended seven 2016 wedges,, couldnt find both brand in my country so i not be able to test it myself :( anyone using it? any review?
  5. Unsold items withdrawn from Sale.. 1. PRGR New Egg Spoon Fairway Wood (3W @ 15* Loft) + 2 x PRGR Original Shaft (M-40 + M-43) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- $ Traded Condition:- 7.5/10 Usage:- 4 Range Sessions + 3 Rounds Comments:- Relatively clean sole. Scuff marks at bottom of the Face (Kept on topping the ball!) Slight scratches around the "crown" portion (Top side part as there is no crown) 2. Yamaha Inpres XV Fairway Woods (3W + 5W) + Original Rombax Shaft (Stiff) (No headcover) - To be sold together Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 Usage:- 2 Range Sessions (1 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Usual scuff marks on Sole. Clean Face. Clean crown but slight paint chips where the Face meets the Crown. 3. Maruman Shuttle A F3 Maraging + Orig Infiber Shaft ® w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 9/10 (Bought brand new!) Usage:- 2 Range Sessions (1 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Very slight scuff marks on Sole. Very Clean Face w/ Faint ball marks near the bottom. Very clean crown, no marks whatsoever 4. Fourteen RM-11 Wedge Set (50* & 58*) - Shaft & Grip to be updated later on (I can't rem what it is) Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 (Used condition - Conservative rating) Usage:- 3 Range Sessions + 2 Rounds Comments:- Usual wear & tear expected of wedge use. Nicks/dings and scratches on leading edge/sole/face. Refer to picture for clear indication of usage. Cosmetic blemishes does not affect the performance at all, ball shredder to the extreme. Got this to compare with the Titleist Cold-Forged Wedges and decided my swing characteristics suit the Titleist better. 5. Kenmochi Wedge Set (52* / 56* / 60*) + NS 950 + Iomic Grips Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 (Used condition) - Black finishing wearing away beautifully on club face/sole. Gives character to the club. Usage:- Used for 1 season Comments:- Usual wear & tear expected of wedge use. Nicks/dings and scratches on leading edge/sole/face. Refer to picture for clear indication of usage. Bought this from TSG Store before really understanding about bounce/swing type/wedge play techniques. Found that the high bounce (13*) not that suited for me, disregarding that ground condition in Dubai is pretty hard. * All shafts are standard/default lengths as purchased from TSG/Dealer, no cutting done. * Shipping cost is conservatively estimated dependent on your location of course. To help keep costs down, I will share 50/50 Shipping cost with Buyer. * Buyer shall be responsible for all import taxes, duties, and any other misc charges. There's rarely any to be frank, but you never know.
  6. I bought a Yururi Tataki 58.5 degree head from Chris back in the fall, and haven't been able to use it until the past 3 weeks. I am in love with this thing. It actually measures 59.5 degrees and the feel is just soft. I use it out of the bunkers and around the greens. The grooves are spectacular; typically one or two bounces then stops. The grind is just perfect for opening it up in the rough and sliding it under the ball. I have had two hole outs from very tough short side positions where my playing partners were sure I was dead. I prefer the grind of this wedge, to the Yururi Raw Gekku wedges. If you haven't tried this one yet, you absolutely need to put it on your list. You won't be disappointed.
  7. Hello all, I am wondering if anybody has a 47deg PW and then has made their next wedge a 51deg PW and then added a 55deg with 10 bounce for the bunker shot and a 60deg wedge with 6 bounce for around the green and short chip shot. I have 2 wedge heads and was wondering if doing this would be a good thing or a bad thing to get the third wedge, the shaft and swing weight ect would be the same in the second pitching wedge. If you have done this or got any ideas let me know,,, Thanks in advance.
  8. Selling a set of DWD 52, 56 and 60 wedge HEADS only. These are Japan forged and I think Toyoshima had a hand in these as well so I read here. Not sure though. Paint fill have been removed and there is some bag chatter. The 60 is what I used for bunker play so no surprise that the most sole wear is on the 60. The black stuff you see in the face grooves is dirt and will come out with water and a brush. As you can see as well, grooves are still in good shape and have lots of life left in them. This is a great set of wedges. Very versatile and solid. A played set in good condition with lots of spin and control left in them. $490 for the 3 wedge HEADs shipped airpost with track and paypaled. Insurance extra. Sold as a set only. Thanks for looking.
  9. As you guys know, I've long desired a JDM 64-deg wedge to replace my Cally copper forged. Tried to petition Miura over the years, whose wedges I use otherwise, but to no avail. Well, finally a fitter in the Boston area, Frank Viola of Ace Of Clubs ( www.aceofclubstp.com ), prevailed upon Miura-san himself to make a small number of them in his K-grind for his clients. And you guessed it, I snapped one of only six up. The K-grind is unusual in that it has "knuckles" ground in by Miura-san. And after spending last weekend with this baby pitching in my backyard, I took it to the course this week, and whoa......... it cuts through rough, sand, anything like the proverbial hot knife through butter. Finally in JDM lob heaven, too! Here's a few pics:
  10. Crazy Proto RAW 52* HEAD only. Great condition and grooves are still very very good. No rock dents. Raw head that is meant to rust. Great feel, control and spin. $old shipped airpost with track and paypaled. Insurance extra. Thanks for looking.
  11. Hi, Misplaced my PW and would like to replace it. I have 9, PW Tournament Blades to trade, among many other things, or cash to offer. Prefer head only. Thanks!
  12. Well gents. I am on my way to getting my dream bag. I have purchased the Ryoma D1 Vspec 10.5 from one of our members I have purchased the Spoon HD from Chris And I have a set of Epon 302s Copper being made as we speak. My next quest is the wedge department. Although individually one of the least expensive clubs in the bag it would seem that people here go through wedges like Taco Bell goes through toilet paper. I am very interested in Taylormade's ATV for its versatile grind and am having troubles finding a link to customer reviews. Tario yours was great! I find the search option on the forum quite useless at times but maybe I am being a bit of a lump head and not using it properly. They have been out for about a year. Can anyone give me the scoop? Who is still using them one year later? I have also looked into nonconforming as well. I have literally never backed up a ball in my life but my current coach who is really good says when he is done with me I will regret getting non conforming and will have no problems stopping a ball soon enough. Basically I want everyone's input on which wedge they have been using the longest and why they think it is so great. The Miura K grind with the knuckles really interests me as well. And, obviously all of the hype on the Bold Wedge has got me tingling but I will wait and see on that one. Is there a poll out there on which is best wedge or something along that line? If not, can someone set that up for me? I'm still a bit of a noob and don't want to start one if there already is one or miss out onsome great clubs to put on the poll. Thanks all in advance Cheers, Jeff
  13. Only used this head for less than 5 rounds.....bought from TSG. Great condition, usual wear on sole. $115 plus shipping. (From Australia)
  14. Anyone try or game these in their wedges? I've read feedback on the heavier 120 version but, don't recall any on the 110s. I'm wondering if the 110s have the same characteristics as the 120s but, in a lighter package.
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