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How easy is it to hit the Mizuno MP-66

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What's up TSG! Although I've been sidelined from golf due to pain and possibly military issues, I am truly trying me best to make plans to get healthy and back into golf this year. That being said, as much as I've preached, fought and cried about wanted to game blades, when I did, I had fun (didn't shoot well except for around the greens) but I hurt too. (Only went back one-time last year, but that was more than enough for me.) So now, I've had some lessons (need to finish) and I'm doing a little better with my swing or rather I better understand the swing and what I"m supposed to do.

I've had a chance to demo irons where I practice and I realize that although I need a more forgiving iron, I STILL DON'T want a huge ass mallet either! From the domestic side, I've been looking into the following clubs:

Mizuno's JPX 900 Forged

Mizuno JPX forged.jpeg

Callaway Apex Forged

Callaway Apex Pro .jpeg

Taylormade M1 iron

Taylormade M1 Iron.jpeg

Ping i200 and G irons

Ping i200.jpeg

Ping G.jpeg

There are other irons but these seem to catch my eye the most at this time. What I'm looking for is an easy midsize or smaller head size to hit. I personally have hit the Ping G30's and LOVED THEM! I plan to go to a TRUE fitting store, that has everything from Miura to PXG to hit these and other irons (wood and wedges too) in this range. Once I get my specs, then I'll go from there on where to purchase my sticks.

Now that that's out of the way, how does the MP-66 stack up with the above irons in forgiveness, head size, and playability? Another concern would be is long irons. How easy is it to hit the MP-66's 3,4, and 5 irons? I DO NOT want a hybrid! I had one fit for me with my last set and I really didn't like it! So I really need a full set that I can play 3-pw or a combo set where the long irons will be like to the above irons (still no mallets) and 6/7 through PW could be blades or a players type forgiving iron. (Don't like the combo set for Callaway's Apex's yet, but we'll see.) I may opt out of the PW that comes with the set and get a true wedge too, if that makes any sense.

Many thanks as always to the TSG forums! Now on a separate note, does anyone want to take my Security+ test for me? LOL!!!!!!

Daris L. Cotton


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I've only hit the Apex, very nice. The nicest looking out of these for me is the Ping i200.

You said you loved the G30's, go get fitted with the proper shaft and buy them.

As for hybrids, find one you like and compare it to a 3 iron and you'll be sold, easier to hit, higher ball flight, and fun to hit. 

Calloway apex hybrids are very nice.


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I'd add the MP55's to the mix.

Really nice mix of forgiveness and feel.

The longer irons are a cavity undercut so really forgiving and the short irons are a true CB.

Really really nice.

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I had the chance to try the MP66 and MP55 side by side at Victoria Golf in Shinjuku during my recent trip to Japan. 

MP55 was the winner for me from a feel and forgiveness perspective.   

MP66 felt like it was harder to hit the ball at the sweetspot.     MP55 was easier to hit flush and to also get that feel of "Mizuno forged"  

I have read somewhere on a blog that MP66 has a sweet spot located closer to the heel compared to MP55.    


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