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FEEL: frozen butter VS mushrooms clouds VS elbow busters ?

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The "feel" of an IRON at impact.

there  is so much dialogue on this but what does it all  actually mean ?

sound plays as much a part as feel in drivers  with  graphite shafts for sure  but what do steel irons shafts and heads actually do to feel ?


heres MY PERSONAL take on what ive  hit and their  feel.

I used NS pro shafts pretty much exclusively these days, ive got a set of shimadas which are  just pefect on windy tracks,  same as DG monaccos but the other 30 odd sets all have NS shafts. , for some reason I just love the way they enhance the heads feel  and  the  flight differnces I  cant get.

nothing does it better than NS IMO.


so what is  frozen butter?

what is guuush like a  marshmallows liquid filled centre ?


what is an old fashioned elbow buster?


playing the same shaft in several heads u get a pretty good understanding of the actual  heads feel I think .

I can break it down to a cpl  of differnces that are pretty tough to split

soft as a babies bum:


frozen butter:

Yamaha/tourstage/callaway forged


player esque:



thoughts players?






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Shafts do play a big role in feel but head design can make just as big a difference. Regardless of shaft, the Endo cavity backs like Epon 302s and PRGR iD-BLs are the mushy marshmallows for me while the humped muscle backs like Yururi, Masda, and Kyoei are the play-doh thumpers.

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Hahhaha love it! 

I agree, steel Nippons make irons feel their absolute best. Graphite shafts tend to mask feel. They feel soft but they lose their distinct flavor. 

NS Super Peening Blues are my favorite feeling iron of all time. 
For me, a purely struck Epon 302 is still the best feeling iron I've ever hit. The Personal 2 is good but not as good as the 302.

Mizunos all feel soft and nice but more mushy and less spongy than the Epons.

Onoff 2011 were the closest things to the 302s I've tried.

Miura MP-5003 blades feel almost perfect. Dense, pure and amazing. Not as soft as the Epon's but almost equally satisfying.

I would like to try the new Seven offerings Chris just came out with at some point (don't have the funds right now).

 Have never hit Honma's or Kyoei (other than Gold's wedges) which are tough to conclude anything from. 

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I've been using composite shafts for some time, in Miura, Yamaha, Yururi, A-Grind, Mizuno, and always felt that they gave me smoother feel at lighter weights. But just recently I picked up that set of black IP Mizuno MP15's that have NSPro Modus3 105's in them, and I've been really surprised at how smooth and long this combination feels. Nothing like other steel shafts I've tried, which often sent too much vibration up my arms (home course is Kikuya...). I'm sure the combination has a lot to do with it, as the irons are Ti-muscle, but I've been wowed by the NSPro's. In these mizzys, the feel is, I guess, in the frozen butter league.

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I like NS Pros and TT DG in my irons.  

Prefer NS Pro from an overall  quality perspective,  but I like the feel produced by DG a little better.

The Monacos that I am using are a different beast.  I think they are a bit more punishing on miss hits ( especially to the elbows ) than other steel shafts.     

I've also tried a few of the recent graphite offerings ( Roddio, OTI, MCI Black, Crazy STP and Crazy CBI 80 ) and while it varies from shaft to shaft, 

they all still have a certain degree of that hollow feel compared to steel.    I don't hate them but I also don't love them. 

In addition to shaft and head combo, I strongly believe the ball type has to do with overall feel as well.   I mean,  when you go out to the range in colder climates,  you absolutely hate your irons because the feel at impact is so bad.    But you know it's because of the range rocks.

I am currently testing a bunch of different "tour" balls both hard and soft but the feel is night and day when comparing say TM Lethal to Chrome Soft.    

It is a highly subjective matter that I think trial and error is the only method to get you the optimum combo of head, shaft and ball that fits your feel preference. 





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I can't remember a club that when I hit it in the sweet spot and compressed it that I didn't enjoy it. Right now I am playing Honma tw727v with modus 120s and seven blades with aerotech players spec 90s. 

I have come to think a good steel shaft is just more alive and the feel is electric. I kept trying graphite after graphite. They just feel muted.  I think I'll put some Nippons in the Sevens

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frozen butter - frozen anything is too hard for me - that's why they say it's frozen.  If you can find me something frozen that isn't hard, I'm going to Tweet it to my 7 followers.

On a more serious note -- hitting the sweet spot in most clubs is the feel we're all seeking.  I use the VG3's and PXG's and they feel good most of the time and these have composite shafts.  And played some forged Yamaha's which also had a good feel but were not as easy to hit as others.

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I  used to be the sofer the better , but im now more enclined to i prefer a bit more compactedness  as in the honma mb  style.  Shafts im never satisfied butsafe to says smooth  steel is all id hit

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