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jDM BAGS:onoff,prgr,kinoshohanpu,roddio

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onoff:                                       $300 ,  last one  of these anywhere

RODDIO tour caddy:        .  $700  this is a 1/1  made for the tour guys  by roddio  with the tour BEE logo

KINOSHO:                            $400   get a new one of thee  every cpl of years,  wil never be without one.

PRGR                                    $200 HUGE space for clubs the head on this is super accommodating,

shipping is via EMS  from japan and will be in a  "  japan  domestic golf travel sleeve " the  covers we use to send our clubs to and from the courses EVERY WEEK... 

  it wont  be  in a huge  bec that makes the shipping miles more .  as it is shipping is roughly $100/150  ish.... with the  the travel sleeves, it takes that down to 80 ish  and these  sleeves  are  like the bags they use on boats to keep stuff clean and dry ,  custom made for golf bags by  the  goods travel companies here.

i send a ALL  of my bags out this way its the perfect way to travel.


anyway,  pm  me for. more detailed individual snaps if need more detail. these are all super bags fellas.
























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very nice bags!! GLWS!

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