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    Epon 460cc 10.5° W-5BA Roddio Pentacross G-Field GFT FW 16° stiff G-Field GFT FW 18* Fuji Rombax X stiff Mizuno CLK 20° Exsar stock (not bad) Mizuno MP-27 4-PW 950 Nippon HT stiff Tourstage x-wedge 52° S200 Epon 58° x-model copper G-Field Premium Zone CNC #0 Mizuno MP staff bag Brand preference: Mizuno for irons, G-Field for FW's
  1. It's difficult to say. I can barely see it, but you may be able to. I don't know how tall you are, how you address the ball, etc. If you think it will be that much of a deal breaker for you, perhaps you should try something else. For me, I really like them.
  2. The E600's are more CB-like at address, but they aren't "bulky" one bit. Personally, I still prefer the 32's clean-cut look, however these sticks are longer and more forgiving...all with the usual outstanding feel you can only get from a forged iron.
  3. Finally got a chance to hit these at the range into a 25 mph headwind. All I can say so far is...WOW! The first thing I noticed is that they go a little further than my 32's, and that's due to the stronger loft in these irons. At address, they look really clean and sharp. You feel comfortable almost immediately standing over it. I also noticed the ball flight is a mid-trajectory and does not balloon (which was nice hitting into that wind...I expected it to). I'd like to say more, however I'll try to sneak out of work to play a round sometime this week in preparation for a tournament. I haven't swung a club since last August due to a new family addition, but it sure felt good to get back out there and hit a few pure shots! So far, so good. I've always loved Mizuno's products, and this one's no exception. Again, these clubs were 4-PW Nippon 950 NSPRO stiff.
  4. Just ordered these from a friend of mine in Japan. Can't wait to try them out.
  5. I see it's a new driver from Mizuno Japan. Head looks squarish (akin to Sumo and Callaway). Any info about this club?
  6. I have this bag in black/blue (see thread on what's in my bag). Went to Japan to get a replacement while I was there since the first one had a defect on the bottom (wouldn't stand up straight). Got it for $200 at a local store in Shinjuku. Awesome bag!
  7. I have one laying around. PM sent.
  8. Needed to be more descriptive in the subject line. It's updated now on what I'm looking for.
  9. I stand corrected. Please pardon the miscommunication. =)
  10. Josh, Spoon is selling his 57 on the B/S/T. Send him a PM.
  11. Thanks, but I'm looking for a set of PX's. I've already owned Superlites in this flex.
  12. Looking for a used set to fit Mizuno irons. The last one I tried were the 5.5's, but they were a little too stiff for me. I'd like to try the 5.0's. I will also take 3-PW if need be. PM me if you have something. I have some new MP 27's coming soon, and I want to put 'em in these. Much thanks.
  13. Anyone know anything about Tour Spirit Webgun graphite iron shafts? Where do these rate in terms of performance and quality?
  14. Price drop. Only four days left on this.
  15. How would this be done in a palindrome? Isn't a palindrome a word or phrase that's read exactly the same backwards? I'm curious, because it sounds like a good idea.
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