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  2. As much as i like to try/ se new funky designs i dont like(HATE!!) the cheap s**tty materials they always tend to use and the exorbitant price they charge for it , why , when i can use a precisise Sus303 delighful piece for pretty much the same. i ddint buy that direct force bec the price didnt seem right for it and any resale on it is ZERO.
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  4. Big price drop on the Yamada Razor...let's get this gone ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. I thought the grip was installed properly. Did not have an issue there. What I could not get over was the cheap plastic portion used on the head. $449 for a putter with a head half made of plastic? nope... not me. I returned mine.
  6. Very clean with only very slight wear from limited play. Looking for $1050 shipped/insured from PA only within US 3 iron through pitching wedge Nippon N.S.Pro Modus3 steel, S flex, Golf pride grips Tried to get everything on photos but let me know if anyone wants additional pictures Thanks
  7. Did you , or anyone else, find the stock lambkin grip was installed so the flat top portion when held upright (flat part horizontal, but looking down the shaft) left the face open by 10-15 degrees? I can't get my head around why the grip is installed like this.
  8. B/S and tourstage are the balls i mostly play and have for eons. like 80% of the time ive done countless side by side comparisons where ill hit 3 balls per hole over 18 with srixon, pr-gr, titleist callaway,honma, super newing u name it and i always seem to come back to the Bridgestones. something about the look and feel of them, i just think they look so cool at address and make me believe i can hit better shots, of course its mental but ill take any positive into a game , these make me believe ill play better , so i play them over the others, second is srixon then
  9. Hello I just bought a honma driver model TW737 on ebay from globlegolf at 150$. It was an impulse buy and now I regret it because Iโ€™m not sure if it is fake or authentic. The serial number on the ferrule is US50083, but does not say made in Japan anywhere. Can anyone please give me some peace of mind and help. Here are some pictures I included.
  10. The 00 irons are only available in Japan through their direct sales channels and fitting centers. The product page is only available on their Japanese website. There are a couple of YouTube reviews (in Japanese) if you search.
  11. Hi, I canโ€™t see any information about the 00 irons on the website, only the 01โ€™s and 02โ€™s. I hit some prgrx 00 irons in a golf shop this week. Iโ€™m thinking of buying them (expensive though). If anyone has links to reviews or information on the 00โ€™s I would appreciate it. Canโ€™t find much on Google.. thanks.
  12. Thanks Nobs....Very good info mate, looks like a good UT shaft. Any ideas where you can buy these?
  13. https://www.compo-t.com/product/fire-express/utility/fire-express-ut-hr Here is the summary. First UT shaft from Fire Express to incorporate 6 axis carbon sheet. 60g uses Torayca M40S and 50g uses Torayca T800S to help with stability while maintaining the high speed aspect of the shaft characteristic. Tip section uses Tungsten powder sheet which provides added stability of face angle. Assists with higher smash factor and heavier impact as well as controlling the launch angle. Sounds like this UT shaft was designed to better blend in the UT together with FW and DR where the
  14. Model name PATTI Total weight 533.3g Material SUS303 Balance angle 60 degrees Lie angle 70 degrees Head weight 354.5g Length 33inc Loft angle 3 degrees Grip 61g Optional satin finish (changed from mirror finish), Sight line mint $800 ono romaro 3 wood head only $130 orion wedges heads only $120 or shafted $160 accra rpg 472 m4 tip to grip 44 inc $200 all starting points atm plus postage
  15. Gday all.... Just chasing a bit of info on the new Fire express UT shaft. Flex ratings, pricing, etc? Cant see them in the proshop yet. Thanks
  16. some spammer advertiser. I removed the thread.
  17. You can get them individually with a custom order through TSG. Not aware of any compatible weights from other brands.
  18. Hello all, There isnt a weightkit for the Grandista from what I can tell? The screws are T20/M5 - maybe there is other Japan brands that use the same? Otherwise I'll have to just buy a normal screw with some weight... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  19. The original Yamaha Secret irons essentially copied the shape of Ping Eye2 irons and added decorative carbon fiber plate on the back cavity. I would not pay $100 for something like that. If that is the type of shape you like and you want JDM, a 2012 Tourstage X Blade GR Forged has a similar shape but is fully forged with mild Carbon Steel (likely Endo forged) You can find a set with NS950GH shafts for $200-$300 easily.
  20. It just so happens that I have the 2013 Yamaha Tourmodel with Diamana Thump shafts in them. They are slightly more than $100 though.
  21. Save up some more cash and get a set from '09 to '13.
  22. Another set of irons that I need to try. Had the 11's and the 13's. GLWS.
  23. This is why I love TSG...You guys are awesome. And funny.๐Ÿ˜„
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