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  2. well.......... im 99% sure you wont get any argument from anyone thats got one. My 65xs in a kamui pro tp 09 10d* head ive had for about 7years i guess. i actually dont use it a lot , unless its a money game or club comp ........., i try and get others to match it, some are close but no cigar my kaui tp 07 10* with diamana X 2017 is pretty close but its just a bif different. i actually think this is my best suited driver but its not quite 7d esque My jbeam 435 9.5* / diamana stinger 70x is prob the closest to the 7d in terms of overall performance, its real clso, only thing thats not there is the feel , the taughtness , rigidity and lack of lateral movement are almost inperceptible to split, the 7d set up flies higher, feels better ( its SO good ) , from what ive hit and thats a lot , boron has a solo disticntive feel to it thats not pleasing to the hands /ears like the X or 7d is , most people that hit mine dont like it at all, too dull, too thuddy,, feel is dead they say , but when i get that onto a course and see where most drives end up i knows why its so reliable . love to get a set of thier irons shafts , they were rediculolus, as was the putter shaft but 3billion bux is just abit out of my league.................
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  4. Just want to give a shoutout to the GOAT driver shaft. Still far and away the best driver shaft I've ever hit and has been firmly in my bag for a few years. A 70x tipped 1/2 inch that I bought off ebay for $800. Best investment ever.
  5. i'm selling a set of Fourteen Combo Irons. The 6 & 7 iroms are the Hi540 hollow headed heads, and the 8- aw are the TC560. All are shafted with regular flex Nippon Modus 3 125 shafts and gripped with Gof Pride MicroSuede grips.Playing lengths are 37.5, 37, 36.5, 36, 35.75, and 35.5. All are in great shape with minimal marks. I did redo the paintfill on the 8 Iron. The color is a little Asking $475 obo shipped consus
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  7. Favorite wedges are the Seven st's. I am gaming them in the 51-57-61. Theyre sick.
  8. miuraisms a clear and away #1. The 3,4,5 irons in the us blades are nice I dont care for the shorter clubs though. May have to revisit honma at some point. Some of the newer mizuno designs are nice but theres so many models its hard to remember what's what and would have to wait a few years for price to come down on the secondary market. A grind mb's are nice as well, maybe lacking in the feel category but I have not gamed them. I have my Miuraisms set up exactly how I like them so to switch out now would be a pita and I don't have fomo playing them cause theyre plenty good enough.
  9. immacualte cond. nigh a mark,blemish on them. have the 6iron shafted with MCI carbon for winter striking practice. unbeleivebale match just as a guide!!!!! what happend to the 8,9,pw? im not sure but its certianly one of lifes great mysteries.................., $500 delivered by jpn ems, tracked insured . .
  10. viola. best 4 mini blades ive layed my hands upon
  11. Added another driver to the rotation: Emillid Bahama EB-33 https://gp-golf.com/products/311.html Web page describes it as high MOI for high trajectory and highly straight. Mine is a 10.5 loft which I bought mainly for the stiff white Royal Decoration La Bomba shaft that was on it. But after a couple of test rounds, it is a contender. Trajectory doesn't seem any higher than usual. When I take a smooth swing, and not try to kill it, this combo does give fairly straight, long, and high results with decent forgiveness at 460cc. EB drivers are on the Grand Prix web site, so I assume they must be another line of Grand Prix. Web site gives no info on head composition. This one has just a very slight bit of the hollow feel, with face look & feel similar to the Grand Prix G57. EB-33 has 5 small removable screws in the front and 3 larger removable screws. The 5 small screws were all 0.6g, one had some glue on it, so not sure if they were supposed to be fixed screws. The larger screw on the heel was 3g (which I moved to the toe) and other larger ones on toe and back were 1.3g. I don't expect those small weights to make much difference.
  12. shaft wise for fairway woods 1-crazy fw80 as a straight up , the fw shaft , esp for the harder htting fairway wood lvoing player i dont think anything is at the same level. 2 - diamana X70s has a feel that is out of this world and performance that matches ,just a bit thinner imapct than the crazy 3-quadra fire express original yellow/orange fw is the next best FW shaft proper after the crazy fw 4-graphite design p-9003x and z-9003s back in the day when i had some oomph were brilliant. 5-fujikura waccine shaft was, IS INSANELY good for a 2 wood or short driver at 44inch. All rounders i dont go for anyhing other than diamana blue, ali islei, kaili, illima are in 90%+ of my builds i do for folks. i think the kaili is the best value allrounder there is. and that blue looks knock out. my best ever fw builds , not 2 woodsm 14*> i can think of royal collection 304p-diamana X 70s (gamer now)cant get that out. syard xv -qudra fire express fw 75s crazy fw -crazy fw80 callaway erc fusion- diamana ali islei 83 s prgr egg spoon original- fire express fw 6 75s ryoma d1 f3-GDp9003x royal colllction bbd s type 2 - diamana blue 73s so many others ive dont but id take ANY of these to the trenches with me and be assured of perfection. over all the best all round head wud be the royal collction jp104 and with the kaili in it ???????????? well ive bullt 10 of these for my buds over last years to chants f ; oh mu god how goos is this! gotta say i have them in oz for links play as well and they dont misss a beat. dry or short grass the ryoma,prgr egg, masda, kamui pro light out
  13. I am back and these heads are still available. Please PM me using the messaging tool.
  14. Just in the process of rebuilding the original Labo 358 3W & Fairway arms 5W of the same vintage. FW80s SX will be going in, these heads are up with the best if they fit your eye. Love the 358 off the deck..... FW80 are one of the best FW shafts ever made IMO. Keen to see how they go against the Baldo Corsas with TRPX.
  15. i have a cpl of those kamuis..... 14.5 17.5 for short dry grass those are awsome, same as the modarts,
  16. I have only been using a kamui 3 wood I recently got. Just took the ut out of the bag for a long 4 iron. but tried the apex uw from last year today for the first time and loved it. very precise and very long, easier and more comfortable to hit for me. will probably get one just need to decide the loft and shaft
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  18. if i play on my short par 5 course ill take 2 utes instead of FWD but on my main course (7000) yards ill take 4 woods. -my2 wood i hit on 3 holes to make sure i hit the fairway then long iron in -3 wood on 3 of the par5s -theres 4 par 4s that need driver 3 or 5 wood to get onto more oft than not these days. utes just wont make it. -3 of the par 3s are the hardest on the course play 190-205 yards and they are 5woods most of the time to stay out of the water in front. u gotta be long. i look fwd to hitting them. esp off the deck on the par 5s and giving them a good old wallop my fave club in the bag to hit now.
  19. I get that, I'm going back the other way. 4-PW + DI with 2 wedges. Driver 3W & Shorter 5W. Searching for constancy. Hybrid is a good gap filler though so not a bad option if you find the right fit.
  20. For the longest time I had one wood in my bag - driver. But I had a 1-iron and a 2-iron. Then I added a 3 wood, now a 2-wood and recently also a 5-wood. I have many issues, but one of them now is the gaps between clubs. It is all a mess. Hit my 5-iron 155 meters rather than 170 of the past. That leaves 35 meters to the 5-wood or driving iron, whichever I put in the bag. Maybe have to resort to utes, but I dislike them.
  21. what set up do u use? or has the ute versatlity usurped them? i still game 2 or 3 everyweek. 10.8/12 14/15 17.5/18 depending on course length and bunkering. got a few utes i lilke by royal coll and driving irons by prgr and honma but i much prefer good old fwds still gaming my royal collections, crazy fw , kasco and solid contacts most of the time , askin g bec im just building another batch for people. and for the reference is hard not to put the old diamana kaili in them. that thing is SO precise and easy to use. wonderous shaft with any head
  22. wonderful head.. never heard about it till amonth back. now i have 3, lossess nothing to anything i play. i dont put those shatfs in any old head. really kike its feel sound and look. kind of reminiscent of the kasco 340, oh that was a head to play.... 460cc might not be for everyone
  23. You're going to make me break out my Srixon ZR 30 driver again!
  24. srixon zr 30 - 9.5* -diamana X 70s yamaha v 203 10*- diamana X 70s yamaha v 203 9* -diamana aliislei 83s 44 inch builds to be done next 2 weeks..
  25. same stuff last 5 yrs , no change. no iphone here. both keitai and computer , no good
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