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  1. As much as i like to try/ se new funky designs i dont like(HATE!!) the cheap s**tty materials they always tend to use and the exorbitant price they charge for it , why , when i can use a precisise Sus303 delighful piece for pretty much the same. i ddint buy that direct force bec the price didnt seem right for it and any resale on it is ZERO.
  2. B/S and tourstage are the balls i mostly play and have for eons. like 80% of the time ive done countless side by side comparisons where ill hit 3 balls per hole over 18 with srixon, pr-gr, titleist callaway,honma, super newing u name it and i always seem to come back to the Bridgestones. something about the look and feel of them, i just think they look so cool at address and make me believe i can hit better shots, of course its mental but ill take any positive into a game , these make me believe ill play better , so i play them over the others, second is srixon then
  3. phoooar. great heads man prob wont take long to clear them.. funny tho doesnt happen on here so much. really how hard is it to say shiit sorry man i had.a.change of heart. we.all do at times, simple respect thing . On wrx. id.expect.nothng less what a joke that place is,mong troll central. so over it i pulled its line . never go there anymore its the norm. " tigerwoods putter for sale , won 15 majors asking 10k." "oh wow man thats so me! ok i dont have any money. but ive got a taylor.made.limited stock of the shelf driver head that was superceded 3mins af
  4. supo


    epon sold
  5. st nx sold. 2g18s sold
  6. thiss a spam j oke rihbt?
  7. dang.. sweet heads goooooooooooooooooood price,
  8. 34 inch....615g FULL cnc head SS. deep mill. super stroke2.0 grip. pendulum special. fully delivered,tracked,insured from JPN. this baby is so sweet soft! $450
  9. ok.. ill ask my builder. cheers
  10. ahhhhhhhhhhh they are about as opposite flight wise to moncaoos as u can get.. but superb shafts!!! put an ad up for them thye are super shafts
  11. price drop, this is as good as any 5w can get. and yes ill take better snaps its looks scrathced , its not its immaculate 240 delivered
  12. for a buddy. 4/5 to PW let me know before i go locally.. cheers fellas
  13. if craig were still hee he cud add to thse, hes got an insane colection.
  14. injury.. 2 games since dec last yr. wrist not getting much better. and yes a s a rule i dont like them but hav been told get a set or two for when i get back into it. get this bene plaing NS v90 reg in my old yamaha 2010 NON tours. and LOVING them can make the ball whiz leterally!!!!!!! feel is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. even those didnt help tho, im not hopefull ill be back anytime before summer. so to keep the golf bug, im re building and selling stuff. jsut for the heck of it . i found THE last set of prgr idbl 3-pw brand
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