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  1. 2009, non conforming heads , grooves are pre 2010 rule change *** dont play ya mates for cash with these, or in a certified comp or you will be toast *** buddies clubs he has to change to > 2010s as were playing for sheep stations . condition is good. cpl of marks u get from hitting balls with steel . but faces are primo. grooves bat 1000 for a 12 yrs old set ,these are GOOD. DG s200 , original grips in ok cond, playable , but IMO cud use a new set, shafts are perfect. interested PM me for. full snaps, photos above are..
  2. played them from 2007-2012 then they went weird with that rmx thing they do now. irk. best was the v4.6 and t he v201 tour. the 4.6 was.... IS....a beast. made of the best stuff as well, like B i had one with a tour ad p9003x at 44.5 , why why why..
  3. ha i had that nike bag as well, i had that in yellow, was actually a decent made cheap bag, didnt fall apart, took it everywhere, was a good travelling bag held more than it looks like it cud. liked the ball holder at the front and walking straps were really good.
  4. s14s were the shiznit. c10s were another.
  5. wow u got to much spin from SPB ???? good lord... iv never heard that from anyone ever...i just cant imagine that possible. i used them in the same heads as a set of c-tapers ( which i detest) and the c tapers were higher with the worst feel ive ever felt in a shaft, the blues were too low so they are getting reds now ~!
  6. spot on.. orange are a 115gram .mid lower kick shaft designed to spin and sit. in wind they get a bit theatrical but u prob wont find ur loosing balls laterally . more distance. modus 3 120 are a generic shaft that are by far the most played of Ns RANGE.. by far.. they ar ein most decent heads now days with DG s200 as a choice. they modus 120 are a dual kick, if u crush the ball they will get up high, if u swing smooth u wil lget a faltter flight. they are a prett ysoft sahft so id say err on slightyl stiffer than looser. 120s are
  7. FINALLY found a head to match the 7d i have with, the jbeam 435 was great but i felt i wasnt getting the most from it bec i was missing out on quite a lot of carry , it was launching lower than i expected so i wasnt playing it as much as it shud have been played, i bascially took it out in s**tty conds when it was windy!, thats SUCH a waste of such high end components, i was tending to favour the other stinger shafted 435 over it day to day , again ( not a bad set up either ) so i took it to mr wizard and we sat down and he suggested the kamui pro tp 07 as i have one in play
  8. gamer in good cond. sus 303. 34 inch. 553g full face balanced $295 delivered
  9. ahh back up she goes. took another . delivered. $300
  10. sooooooooooooooooo , im revisting this bec after my mate got set i had to play some due to injury , i tried many many many sets this season but there has been a clear standout. surprised the be- hey-zeus outta me. at first ,but then it didnt. the winner was ..... yamaha inpres x V forged the non tour variety ,, just the common or garden endo forged model. from 2010. very impressive - ( as the name suggests) really. i tried 3 sets of EPONS, 2 sets of onoffs, 4 sets of prgrs, , XXIO, ( they, i think are still the best beginners clubs ever ) and a se
  11. hahahaahh..sound like me! i have a 10.5 ryoma d1 thats the only ryoma i got left. funny how things shinet hen rust all so quickly in your mind......
  12. i found this little beauty hiding amonst the wheat on friday . lovely putter , just doenst suit my eye any longer. its still in really really good cond. not played it in an EON. any interest ??
  13. Awsome..... great stuff Nobs ! u may find u go low low low for a while now have knocked off the 70s monkey. hit lots of GIR and you will keep threatening par every round. savour the moment, well done!
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