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  1. I’ve been finding and playing all sorts of golfballs avg 4-5 rounds weekly thru yet another wet PNW winter. I have settled in the RXS. My driver swing speed is generally at 98mph and I find the Bridgestone RXS longer-straighter and my favorite. When the B12 first came out I was fit by the local rep at the range long but feel was lacking. RXS is long and has feel. I’m able to play a complete round now without losing a ball so now I’m sorted.
  2. Hideki is now “the legend” hope he gets a parade in Japan 🇯🇵 Amateur golfer to Master Champion! I love it. Hope his family is proud.
  3. Hope you picked Hideki. Did I hear correctly.... first ever bogey free round @Masters? Srixon home office will be losing their minds! Im going to have to cleanup my Acisc golf shoes for Monday.
  4. cuistot


    cRAP....Ive been wanting those wedges! Well hows abut the Tourstage Maru? Can you let thrm go?
  5. I’d like to run up the that range with you for a chance to hit the sc. Can you spot me 15 strokes?
  6. Those SC really are GI haaaa Maybe try the saw grip?
  7. If you havent already Bayonet & Black Horse Golf courses are a must lay venue. Old Military courses with cosmic views.
  8. It is that. Spyglass was always harder for me. Monterey Peninsula is nice. Got to walk Cypress but my favorite outside Pebble is Pasa Tiempo. Yet to play Presidio or Harding Park. Wouldn’t be unhappy playing Olympic Club Lake course.
  9. Ur post Name-date oversight in photos might not receive attention.
  10. Berger is driving me nuts adjusted his line on putts.
  11. Anybody here partial to this tournament? I’ve been lucky having spending a lot of time here year round. This time of year is my fav. And I can’t recall seeing Pebble is this pristine of conditions. Once hit a FW persimmon off #7 tee into the wind to make 3. Care to Share your stories?
  12. Yeah glad to see that. Isn’t Tario connected with Grindworks?
  13. As always this is destined to be a very clays build.
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