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  1. I checked it close to when it was posted, but thank you.
  2. Interested in a driving iron with 18 degrees of loft or less. Love the looks of the A-Grind 2016 CMB driving iron. Curious to see what's out there. Thank you
  3. Sweet, yeah, I agree with all of that. Seems like there aren't any bags now with pockets like that bag.
  4. Nice looking wedges. Not familiar with Quadra.
  5. That is a cool bag, cool clubs as well. I'm sure the Mizuno bag was nice also. Yeah, you never know...
  6. Awesome. Sounds good. Wouldn't mind seeing pics of Greece either.
  7. Interested in a JDM and/or Asia only golf bag. Or possibly a non region-specific bag from a Japanese or Asian company. No specific bag in mind, curious as to what's out there. Thank you
  8. The onoff and epon sound interesting, do you have any pics?
  9. You thinking about getting a JDM bag? If you're interested in mine, feel free to send me a message.
  10. Nice, I agree. What are you using now?
  11. What bag(s) do you use? Post pics if you have any, or a link. I have a 2009 nike sasquatch tour carry stand bag, great pocket configuration, it has a good amount of storage without looking bulky. It's actually for sale if anyone is interested. I'm looking for a new bag and thought I might find something here.
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