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  1. Is anyone going? If so, please post pictures and share your experience. https://www.japangolffair.com/
  2. I agree - not blades by any means. Wasn't implying they were.
  3. I was referring to the cavity design, where they changed the position of the logo for weight distribution.
  4. Thank you, they should make a blade with the same design as the 2015 kuros.
  5. Thank you. Surely there must be others.
  6. Love the looks of blades, muscle cavities, etc., but prefer a thicker topline. Perhaps not a true blade, but I like the thickness of the Buchi VS200. What is similar to those?
  7. Still available. Check my feedback on wrx.
  8. Does he have a website?
  9. Looking for a good coach that has helped you improve. If they're a good fitter as well that'd be great. Location isn't important if they're able to do virtual lessons. Thank you
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