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    1. Japanese Golf Clubs

      Golf brands only found in Japan. All of the newest information and equipment from the Japanese Domestic Market.
      Find out more about premium JDM quality golf clubs and Japan forgings.

    2. Buy, Sell, & Trade

      Free B/S/T listings for those who wish to sell their personal golf equipment or advertise their ebay auctions.
      This service is NOT for those selling retail goods for profit under no circumstances.

    3. 8.1k
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    1. TourSpecGolf Online Store   (85,962 visits to this link)

      Bringing you the best in high quality and visually stunning golf clubs from Japan. Golf to Impress!

    2. TourSpecGolf Blog   (66,141 visits to this link)

      Golf To Impress is the official blog of Tourspecgolf and covers golf news, equipment previews and reviews and a perspective on both US and Japanese golf markets.

    3. TourSpecGolf on Facebook   (66,616 visits to this link)

      Like us on Facebook to get JDM golf gear on your newsfeed. 100,000+ Facebook fans and growing

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