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  1. For the longest time I had one wood in my bag - driver. But I had a 1-iron and a 2-iron. Then I added a 3 wood, now a 2-wood and recently also a 5-wood. I have many issues, but one of them now is the gaps between clubs. It is all a mess. Hit my 5-iron 155 meters rather than 170 of the past. That leaves 35 meters to the 5-wood or driving iron, whichever I put in the bag. Maybe have to resort to utes, but I dislike them.
  2. 190 for the shafts, 170 for the heads?
  3. Wow - that's pretty! Very classic profile. I assume that if your ball striking is not spot on when you get these, it will be better after a few sessions at the range.
  4. Pretty.. That Zodia-style finish is really nice.
  5. The 2009's I bought from you were amazing. Still play the 4 iron.
  6. As spring is in the air, at least some places (not here........), I figure it is time to revive this ad and lower the prices a bit. More ads to come.
  7. What are your thoughts on the fairly new Kuro driver? I find it interesting with counter balance. Would like to try it out with a heavier head, 44” and some grip weight.
  8. I need to try some hybrids and likely with a shaft that’s on the stiffer side. Awesome that you actually have 10 yards in between your irons! I’m always guessing how far they go. The 10k drivers get rave reviews. Maybe that’s the eay to go. Keen on the Kuro 2024. Like the idea of heavier head and counter balance. Would like it at 44” though. Thanks for the thoughts and breakdown!
  9. Thanks! Details as per usual. I feel I need to figure it all out at the start of the upcoming season. Good thoughts here!
  10. Thanks. I feel as when I lack speed, the gaps become more important to tighten. Good tweak with the stiffer shafts to take the distance down.
  11. How have you guys put your sets together? I have huge gaps or no gaps and need to do something about it: Drive 9.5 - 245 meters Brassy 12 - 225 meters 5-wood 17.5 - 190 meters Driving iron 20 - 185 meters 5-iron 27 - 160 meters 6-iron 30 - 150 meters 7-iron 34 - 135 meters 8-iron 38 - 130 meters 9-iron 42 - 120 meters P 47 - 107 meters 50 - 105 meters 55 - 95 meters 60 - 80 and in Now, 5-9 iron really no issue. I don’t like the shape of pitching wedges that don’t look like a proper wedge - not sure if that has something to do with not attacking the ball as I do with my 50 degree wedge. They are the same length, same make but not same shaft. Modus 115s in irons and 125 wedge in 50. It always seems to be an issue for me with the P. Used to play the Yururi raw Gekku in 46 - great pitching wedge. Need to figure that out. The gap between driving iron and 5 iron needs to be bridged too. Never liked hybrids but I think I have to get used to them. Thinking I should put two hybrids in the bag and also change out the brassie for a 3-wood as I hit my driver off the deck anyway. What do you guys thing? What works best for you and why? @nobmontana - would love to hear your thoughts. Think we swing it about the same. Stu - think you hit it a bit harder than I do and play a bit more. Think you are like me, hesitant towards hybrids and play long irons. My boys run in circles around me but they have switched to big putters, Ping drivers and irons etc. Seems like cheating.
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