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  1. It just so happens that I have the 2013 Yamaha Tourmodel with Diamana Thump shafts in them. They are slightly more than $100 though.
  2. Wow - what a Masters! I had my money on Xander and was fuming a bit on 16. But despite that, what a great champion! This is the best week of the year.
  3. Had one. It was great but I just love the AAA so I sold it.
  4. Google is your friend: http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/epon-forged-personal-iron-limited-muscle-back/ I’d do the same for the shafts if I were you.
  5. bngolfer


    Got to show love for the hat mate!
  6. All of the stuff? How about sending just a little to me? 🙄
  7. I second what Nobs wrote re low spin shafts and slice. Often those shafts are tip stiff and the head will not have a chance to square at impact. I liked your first comment about working on your swing. Find a good teached to help fight that outside in motion first. Lower swing speed and shafts with a softer tip may help in fighting the slice. I would not start with draw biaised heads as thet will prevent you from making proper swing adjustments. Just my two cents worth.
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