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  1. So, Mike, or whatever your name is. If you have stuff for sale, why don’t you post them in the for sale section with pictures and price? Makes a bit more sense than posting in the WTB section don’t you think? I don’t think you have any of these irons but please prove me wrong by taking some pics of them, with a piece of paper with your name and today’s date in the same pic.
  2. Had no idea they were not legal. I’ve played 100 events, pro and non, with the very same irons. Got them from you in 2010 and loved them for 9 years. Still have the 4-iron tbh. They don’t spin more than any other clubs I’ve played. Anyhow - probably the best irons I’ve played.
  3. Check Wedda’s ad with multiple items. He has a Tourstage Airmuscle with 17*. Pretty thing!
  4. My first cool bike was a BMX too. With pins in the front and back for doing tricks. It was a GT Pro. Out of the lot above - the Mongoose all the way for me. Classic.
  5. If I ever played with a caddy, or with a cart, that would be my dream bag. It if beauuuuuuutiful Hutch!
  6. I do, but I’m on vacation in Greece. Will post later.
  7. Agree, I have a V201 Tourmodel and it is beautiful in every aspect. Used an earlier model Tourmodel for years with a Kiyoshi purple. Why on earth did I sell that?
  8. I’m using a water proof Sun Mountain stand bag mostly but have a stealthy black Onoff caddy bag and a white and red Epon dog stand bag that is awesome!
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