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  1. I recently got a set of axis fairway woods 14* and 17.5* They're slightly open. I really like them. They are upright too which i like.
  2. @samuee https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/japan/en/special/order/confirm/https%3A%2F%2Fjp.mercari.com%2Fitem%2Fm20801730624/13_1/
  3. (1) Ball rises too high (2) No runs (3) Hook This shaft is recommended for those with the above symptoms. Lighter weight and pendulum design increase flight distance with medium trajectory and low spin! For golfers who want the jump and direction of a hook-reducing design. -Shaft specifications- Product name/GR-55 Flex/R3, R2, R, SR, S, SX, X, XX Length/46-47 inches Weight/R3 (45) SR (53g) S (56g) X (60g) Torque/R3 (6.0) SR (4.5) S (4.5) X (4.0)  Tone/Present ~ Nakamoto condition Chip diameter/8.5mm Reference frequency/Flex S: 260cpm (30mm insertion, 60 degree method 45.5 inches, D1 time) In addition to DR, we also have FW, UT, and iron types.
  4. No problem if theres anything I'm good at its finding obscure iron specs lol
  5. Of the ones I've tried the Masdas (both versions 2 and 3) have a thicker top line but maybe not as much as that buchi.
  6. Only thing is they don't publish face angle specs. If its not a little bit open it wont last long in my bag.
  7. Thanks Stew! Its an older model made by works golf. Has a real upright lie angle which I like. https://blog.tourspecgolf.com/works-golf-foresight-line-11-degree-44-inch-fairway-wood/
  8. Just won these bids and I'm excited and figured I'd share since no one I know personally would care LOL. That 11 degree fairway wood I'm gonna give a shot on my home course. It's tight with overly sloped tee boxes so it's easy to get in trouble with the driver and I'm too short to keep up with a regular fairway wood. It was 11 dollars haha. I wasn't planning on buying any clubs just grips but when I saw this putter I had to have it. It was $350 but I think it's well worth it. Also picked a bunch of Masda slicks as they are my grip of choice and not available in the USA and one of these cloth stm putter grips.
  9. I sold them to someone else on wrx sorry
  10. Deleted most of my pics but heres one left on my phone. If you're in between the mb and mcb I'd recommend the mb as they were very playable.
  11. 7D has been in my driver for the last 3 years. It's the real deal. I'm glad Stew cosigned that purchase when I made it.
  12. I have a Masda fbl 13.5* in the bag right now and I’m loving it. Highly recommend.
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