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  1. Thanks mate, that's not to bad, but as you said super soft. Plating is very good on Yamaha.
  2. Wow, Yammy fire sale. Nice platter of forged titbits! I still have a set of 2012s I game occasionally, excellent irons. GLWS Whats the damage on the VDRs? Pics please.
  3. I have had similar issues with the 5-PW set up I went with #4 #3 Romaro i-brid chapter 3 with the same shaft length progression from 5-3. Closest Hybrids to driving irons that actually work for me. Easy to use, good versatility out of all lies. Nice and workable. I went a touch stiffer in the shafts to the original setup, which took about 10m off each bringing them back to 170m 180m. The extra pop off the face/shaft dynamic when comparing to DI or Irons had them at 180m 190m. Bit of tinkering but got the result I needed. I swap between 5W and 3W depending on track and conditions. The gap isn't as noticeable/needed other than the odd par 5, When lets face it. Just short of the green in 2 isn't a bad thing. Working on the wedges ATM, finding my 50 has too big a gap from my PW.
  4. Looks nice. Japan made ?. Any feedback? Cheers
  5. Thanks mate...Yeh always try to use iron covers where I can
  6. Limited Edition Epon SUS 316 Forged - Chrome Finish Edition…. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S200 - Iomic Sticky X 5 iron length 96 cm - 37 3/4 inch center shaft. STD lie…adjusted 1* strong Shafts have been spine aligned & flowed 8-10…No big dings, bag chatter or rash marks. $OLD Thanks
  7. Photos of TaylorMade irons from the last 35 years – GolfWRX
  8. Tour AD or Roddio for something more exotic.
  9. Hutch


    Yeh nice shafts Stu. Wish they were stiff. Regs play firm but just a touch soft for me.
  10. Hutch


    Design Tuning Modus Tour 105 R 5-PW New shafts, came in a set of new unused Modart CBC. Not the right shaft for me unfortunately. 9/10. Not a mark on them. 1 time pull. Tip prepared and cleaned. New Palmax Grips. 37 Inch 5i $300
  11. Aesthetically yes Nobs. But your attracted to the Dogatti based on feel ? Will be interested on how these builds turn out. Hopefully you have come across a solution.
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