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  1. I thought the grip was installed properly. Did not have an issue there. What I could not get over was the cheap plastic portion used on the head. $449 for a putter with a head half made of plastic? nope... not me. I returned mine.
  2. The 00 irons are only available in Japan through their direct sales channels and fitting centers. The product page is only available on their Japanese website. There are a couple of YouTube reviews (in Japanese) if you search.
  3. https://www.compo-t.com/product/fire-express/utility/fire-express-ut-hr Here is the summary. First UT shaft from Fire Express to incorporate 6 axis carbon sheet. 60g uses Torayca M40S and 50g uses Torayca T800S to help with stability while maintaining the high speed aspect of the shaft characteristic. Tip section uses Tungsten powder sheet which provides added stability of face angle. Assists with higher smash factor and heavier impact as well as controlling the launch angle. Sounds like this UT shaft was designed to better blend in the UT together with FW and DR where the
  4. some spammer advertiser. I removed the thread.
  5. You can get them individually with a custom order through TSG. Not aware of any compatible weights from other brands.
  6. The original Yamaha Secret irons essentially copied the shape of Ping Eye2 irons and added decorative carbon fiber plate on the back cavity. I would not pay $100 for something like that. If that is the type of shape you like and you want JDM, a 2012 Tourstage X Blade GR Forged has a similar shape but is fully forged with mild Carbon Steel (likely Endo forged) You can find a set with NS950GH shafts for $200-$300 easily.
  7. After Matsuyama won the Masters and I learned that he switched putter grips before the tournament to a Lamkin Deep etched full cord grip, I decided to give the grip another look... In recent years I've been mostly using the original version Iomic Absolute grips .. last year I found a cool pistol shaped grip from STM called STM P-1 which had a very pronounced pistol end shape which I grew to like very much. Texture is not the best but I really liked the shape and how it fit in my hands. Recently, I picked up a Scotty Phantom X 5.5 which came with Scotty's Pistolero Plus grip and this als
  8. Years ago, I spoke to a guy who worked at Cool Clubs in Arizona and was also fitting PGA tour players at the time. He had insight into balls used on tour and told me that while Titleist and Callaway had to hand pick balls for their staff players, Bridgestone just had their staff players ( at the time were Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker ) play off-the-shelf retail balls. What he implied was that T and C brands had larger manufacturing tolerances with their balls while BS had tighter tolerances good enough to use retail balls for their staff Pros. Since then, I've pretty much stuck to
  9. I've been playing the Tour B RX thru the colder season but now our temps our up a bit, I thought I would try the X and XS for the Spring and Summer. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a sleeve each of the 2021 Tour B X and XS and started putting with it on the carpet. For some reason, the firmer feel of the X off my putters felt better to my hands more than the softer feel of the XS. I felt that I could control the distance a bit better with the firmer X. By "firmer" it's not clicky or anything... it's more of a refined firmness. As you may know, the X and XS are
  10. Sorry to hear your buyer bailed. Some people just don't understand internet etiquette at all. I can only imagine how awful they'd be on the course. GLWS!! this is an awesome deal for a great set of heads!!
  11. Stew-san, Seven did a great job designing these CBs. Slightly stronger lofts and slightly more forgiving than your traditional player’s CBs. I’m loving my set and don’t expect myself from moving away from these anytime soon. Indeed great price on these heads!! GLWS!!
  12. Surprised that these heads have not sold yet!! GLWS!!
  13. nice Stew-san. Please add a photo with name / date tag. GLWS!!
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