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  1. Well ...Japanese UT are still split between .350 and .370... many are adopting the .370 these days but not all.
  2. I shafted a Modart 14 with a Diamana D-Limited 60 S and also reshafted the Epic Speed 16.5 with a 2013 Kurokage Proto 60 X , They were both built to 43" and close to D2 .... Both go about 207 to 212 on average with the Yupitel. Some really good ones go 220 ... The Epic Speed head produces higher ball speed and is more forgiving than the Modart. I do still like the look of the Modart as well as sound. Epic Speed feels pretty good but has a kind of dead sound.
  3. The 300 Mini driver looks interesting.... but if it goes near driver distance and I can only use it off the tee ... I won't see much use. My fairway stats with driver sits around 67%... so I don't really need a mini driver. Something that will get me 220 to 225 carry. My 5W distance is around 200 to 210 carry.. which I can probably get to with a 3 hybrid as well.
  4. Yes you are right.... As you say, the sim max FW has even a more upright lie... but to me the face angle of the max is much more open compared to the Ti. Why they have the fairways so upright is beyond me but my guess is that it is made to be anti slice? Anyway, the Epic Speed FW 4W sits at a nice 56 deg lie with pretty much a square face angle which feels more natural to me. I'm still kind of a newbie when it comes to TM adjustable hosels and how they affect the overall angles.
  5. I've been tinkering with my wood set ups as of recent and still continuing now... so let's see if I can remember. Another notable difference may be that on that weekend I got to play Saturday before going into the tournament on Sunday. Saturday's round , I shot 80... but may have worked as a practice round? it was the first time I played two days in a row in a long time. Anyway... - Driver SIM2 9deg / 2013 Kurokage TiNi Prototype 60 S - Fairway '20 SIM Ti 19deg 5W / 2013 Kurokage TiNi Prototype 60 X - Hybrid '20 SIM Max 22deg 4H / Ventus HB Velocore 7S -
  6. I played in a 4th of July "Red White and Blue" tournament this morning and to my surprise shot a career low of 69!! 4 Birdies 1 Bogie. How we play this Tournament is that we individually get to pick 6 holes to play from Red (Ladies) tees, 6 holes from Whites (Men's Regular) and 6 holes from Blues (Champion Tees). Ever since dry season started, I've been struggling a bit and shooting between high 70's to low 80's..... Just could not put together a round without having a couple of really bad holes. Then out of nowhere, this happened. The best part about it is that since we
  7. Just got back from the range. Wow.... not sure what to say... I feel like I've been going in the wrong direction all this time. My swing has never been one that puts a lot of load on the shaft. My transition has always been pretty quiet too. So the XC 6 SR seems to be a really good fit. I can time it right, I can make an easy swing as well a pretty hard one, but the shaft does not give up on me. I can totally work the ball both ways with ease and it doesn't curve aggressively or abruptly. One thing that I do notice is that some drives look pretty spinny which is killing the
  8. Following my current trend for going lighter and flexier with my shafts, I've picked up a Tour AD XC in SR flex which I will be trying out later today with my driver. It's possible that I'll see ugly duck hooks or something really bad.... but I just feel the Ventus Black 5X is just too much to handle and my swing just gets too sloppy because I try so hard to try and load the shaft. Similarly I'm also waiting on a VR6 S that I'll try in my 5 wood in place of the 2013 Kurokage TiNi Prototype 60 X .... I'll report back with my results.
  9. I'd buy them if they could guarantee my score be consistently in the low 60's.. 🙂
  10. As far as swing weights go… DR is D4.5 FW is D2.5 Hyb is D3 Irons are D1 to D2 Wedges range from D2 to D5 All over the place…:)
  11. I played with these GR forged and they are very playable. The Regular shafts, much to my surprise work very well for me. They were so good that I decided to reshaft my main gamers, the Seven SC's from the PX LZ 5.5 to the Crazy CBI-80 Regulars I had. A couple of range sessions later, I am happy to report that these Crazy CBI-80 and Seven SCs feel and play so much better for me than the Project X LZs. So I now have this funky set up in my bag with shaft flexes all over the place. Having said that, I have a really good feeling so I will be playing with this set up for the Fi
  12. "Forged" carbon steel body.... nickel chromoly face. One piece carbon steel forged heads are becoming rare.
  13. do a google search for "40m/s mph" gives you 89.4775 mph.
  14. For a while, I was trying out all sorts of TI fw heads. Jbeam GFW, Grandista RSF, Royal Collection SFD Ti FW, Crazy Full Ti FW, Labospec RD 347 Ti 5W , Zodia OZ, Roddio Spoon, Epon AF202 HT have all been really good ones. I don’t have a 3W at the moment but If I were to put one back in, I’d probably go with the Egg Spoon HD from several years ago or possibly the original Egg PX01. Something super forgiving!!
  15. I would totally be all over these if I did not have so many sets sitting idle already. GLWS!! And they are in such mint condition!!
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