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  1. TM released a black version of the P790 irons last week and the only option was 4 iron up - bloody ridiculous. Manufacturers need to find a way to offer buyers only the irons they want. There are now millions of 3-4 and 5 irons sitting silently in garages and closets around the world.
  2. How ridiculous for manufacturers to advertise just 4 irons as the base set. You see it time and again -- just go to the Shop here for example. Never met anyone yet who bought only 4 irons. It is bloody stupid and misleading. And they also need to start dropping 3 and 4 irons from sets -- very few people play them any more. The most common "set" purchased these days starts with either a 5 or 6 iron and goes through to a GW.
  3. prob more hope of finding rocking horse s**t than that list - but good luck
  4. many rumors - stay tuned..... was it meds or alcohol or speed (possibly a combo ?)
  5. Not good news out of LA this morning - Tiger suffered serious leg injuries when his car went off the road and rolled over.
  6. shame the Crazy shafts are so expensive because I have some in my Epon 702's and really enjoy the kick they give you.....
  7. OK - all of the good folks on this forum then....
  8. I think all of the best Japan companies should give DMG, Hutchy and myself all of their new releases to review ..... we promise to send back the stuff we don't like!
  9. the envelope appears to have been pushed quite some ways when you read all the promos lately - particularly by Callaway with their "AI" tech. I love to see enhancements but I'd be even more excited if they could start coming up with new materials to make the irons - or is steel/titianium etc as good as it gets? Ping used copper and nickel at one time and they've been shelved for various reasons. Cobra recently came out with MIM metalworking and I tried their wedges - felt good. Will be interesting to see what comes next - hopefully something with a WOW factor for us all. We're only asking for
  10. cheers -- I enjoy reading reviews from people who aren't pro's because this is the true marketplace. But i n general all of us need to try gear before buying because how things feel and work is so subjective. I don't have this driver, but I buy many and have at least a dozen right now from the past 6-8 years and for what it's worth, nothing feels better or works easier than my new Callaway BB21. Apologies to all the JDM fans - and I'm one. The more muted sound is a preference for me also - loud tings do not float my boat.
  11. I have to agree that SCREWS all over the place do not a pretty club make ! I have some PXG's and of course they are covered in hardware, but you don't see it at address and they feel very good....still, I'd prefer a clean look everywhere.
  12. I've played these irons .... and then recommended my dad try them. They are really good at fooling you into thinking you've gained 20 yards. The lofts are off the charts strong. I liked the clubs but it was too annoying to keep telling myself the 'normal' 7 iron shot I'm about to play needs me to grab the 9 iron or wedge instead. Yamaha didn't need to jack the lofts so much but they are obviously chasing the corner of the market that really wants DISTANCE. Interesting too that their website states these irons cannot be adjusted for lie angles or lofts ?
  13. well that is disappointing -- even though we know many of the BIG brands these days are made in China. I'm now keen to see what the new PXG irons have to offer - the Gen4's are released in the coming weeks and I know they are definitely made 100% in the USA and are high quality - albeit expensive.
  14. are these 100% MADE IN JAPAN -- some forums suggesting China played a hand and that would concern me.
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