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  1. Thanks for taking the time to expand….. much appreciated. id also be a little concerned with spin, but we all produce different metrics so may well gives this a whirl. let us know if you do reduce it and what you did to achieve it? thanks again
  2. Ok thanks for the response…..
  3. Anyone played or even hit a recent Baldo driver lately, kinda thinking that they look good but are they just ho hum in the performance dept.?
  4. Yes, I’m a putter shaft carer…… favourite steel shaft is the TT YSC (made for Scotty Cameron) but only available in .355 and no longer made (think SC use NS) now. live played the NS purple but always felt a little heavy, although they have a new version (green) at 120gm that I will give a run with. I have a SWAG handsome 2 putter with the LA golf graphite and I like it, it’s certainly stiff/stable, but maybe still prefer the crispness of steel…… would like to get my hands Ona Shimada, but not easily sourced in Europe. also have seen pix of a Grahite Design proto putter shaft, but that was a while ago and no signs of a production version(yet) this would intrigue me as a GD fan. the search is always on…..
  5. FYI NSPRO have added a 120gm shaft(green logo) to their new range. That has a nice satin finish too. interested in your experiences with the Accra……
  6. I have some old RC ‘dent back wedges’ with modus 130s tour non wedge specific which are money….. i also have some Fourteens with modus 115wedge shafts whic are good but I find I prefer the heavier heft with the 130.from a feel point of view…..
  7. That’s a coincidence…… several years ago I was a Project x user but entered a Modus competition to celebrate the launch of the 130s, yes that long ago…. won them, And absolutely fell in love. Til just a month ago it dawned on my how sloppy I would get towards the end of the round, realised that I was having to work hard at the swing, so decided to look for something lighter…. and ended up with the 105, yes I know it’s a different bend profile but they seem to just work and I’ve now got comfortable and confidence is back. So yeah lighter works better for me too.
  8. I wonder how far apart something like a mitsubushi Vanquish is from the Autoflex.? not sure I care for the yellow either, the Ltd red and blue was ok, the rainbow just no, , gimme plain black please……
  9. So I have 302 and cb tour…… the differences are so small, to my eye the cb tours have a little more offset and I mean a little. I know this doesn’t answer your question re. 306 which have tungsten inserts, it’s a question I’m interested in myself, I was thinking of getting the 306 as replacements for the 302 but for now am going with cb tours, at least for this season anyway.
  10. I agree with Sup, find a head you like and maybe a shaft that works, try some newer stuff and you’ll eventually realise there is nothing that’s going to make you a better player. I’m still playing an Epon AF102 head with an original crazy longest heard shaft, can’t find anything better, maybe it’s just familiarity. but I keep looking…….
  11. Also the DB proto wedges were a long term mainstay of the bag……doubt these will be re offered but there’s hope
  12. Over the years I’ve always relied on RC fairways, indeed still have a rescue in the bag, so it was always with sadness that i viewed the co.s decline, but now they’re back……. they’re sporting every bell and whistle modern technology can offer…..carbon crowns, adjustability and ti bodies and it all looks fab but…… I still hanker and love maraging steel faced fairways.. maybe I should just get one to see if they still have the magic…..
  13. Whilst I didn’t attend the fair I gotta say that the new PRGR irons gave me a little bit of ‘tenting’. also the Miura CB302 caused a little stiff flexing….. my Epon 302s are getting pretty long in the tooth and 2023 will be the year of new irons pour moi. what about you?,….what’s on your horizon before the season really gets going.?
  14. Always good to see new Epon offerings…….the driver looks worthy of closer examination too
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