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  1. Hi there,

    this is what I have, staff bag with travel cover

    never been on course. Used for storage of clubs only.

    let me know


    2016-08-01 11.43.37.jpg

    2016-08-01 11.45.16.jpg

    1. jonbev78


      Awesome, what's your price on this one.

  2. been a member of the forum for 6 years, never sold a thing here but bought many items from fellow members before. This is a scary prospect. just wondering if there is not a gaping hole which the administrators need to fill. "gifted" payments by definition are payments made without consideration and out of one's own kind heart. As far as paypal is concerned, it is not designed for buying and selling things. There is zero recourse for the buyers. ebay owns paypal. Ebay's buyers' protection works because ebay simply instructs paypal to debit sellers' credit card of the same purchase price + shipping if things go pear shape. a liquid and healthy second hand market is good for TSG's business. This 'gifted' idea needs to be examined.
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