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  1. Hit them and thought the feel was different that I didn’t care for, your description nailed it. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I haven’t looked at Honma so I’ll check them out. A friend has a set of the older Labospec 247g he wants me to also try.
  3. Looking for a second set of irons to play and leave in Bangkok for visits with family there. Currently play Epon 703 which I like but looking for something less expensive for the second set. Any experiences with the sets mentioned in the title would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. See if this helps what you are looking for, these may not have been made available in U.S. yet. http://www.golfshaftreviews.info/index.php/nippon-modus3-tour-125-golf-shaft-review/
  5. A lot of nice suggestions that look like may fit my needs, VG3, Labospec RB247 G, TM Gloire, and Srixon. May need to defer to Chris and leave it at that for bit. Thank you for all input.
  6. The tips and encouragement are much appreciated, thank you very much!
  7. Not too big and not too much off set. When going too much GI I have a hard time with too much draw, too high, and too much spin. Duffer has me thinking maybe I am not looking for too much GI but some definite extra help. On a trip to Japan, I hit the RomaRo V okay and a couple years ago went to Bangkok where they recommended 302 at Golf Craft distance is short. Plus, I knew the 302 was too much for me to make consistent contact. I could tell I had the fitter puzzled. Recently went to Golfsmith to try Mizuno JPX forged and he fit me Callaway X Hot 2 iron with stock shaft which was good in the monitor but couldn't control a huge draw at grass range. Played MX 23 for a number of years. Just looked at the TM Glorie forged and write up looks like the help I am seeking.
  8. 22 handicapper that putts and drives well looking to improve weakest part of game. Never been real consistent with irons so thinking of ditching the forged and going a different route. At age of 55 I am losing some distance, about 140 yards with standard loft 7 iron with Dynamic Golds. I seem to need heavy shafts for any consistency. Feel is important and US cast feels really strange to me. Looking at Labospec 247, Yamaha Maraging, PHYZ III, or Mizuno JPX EIII. Or, is something like VG3 or Yamaha forged worth a last forged shot. i appreciate your suggestions.
  9. Very helpful type of information I was looking for, much appreciated!
  10. Based on comments, looks like VG3 is way to go. Plus they are few hundred cheaper. :)
  11. I know some have already commented, I am considering RomaRo v type r of VG3. I would get the VG3 but the sole on the type r is very interesting, does it make much difference? Also, is there much difference in feel and distance? I hit the v (not type r) in Japan in a net and liked the solid feel.
  12. Thanks for the ideas, I may try both options you mentioned.
  13. I am currently playing this driver and it has the stock Tour AD LV6 shaft. I am getting a high level of consistency in the fairways but I am looking for a bit more height and distance. My question: how does this driver compare to the latest popular jBeam, Mizuno Craft, etc. drivers and if so, would a shaft change to something like a TRPX Air be the efficient move to get what I am looking for. From what I have read, I should be a good candidate for this shaft. Thank you for any thoughts.
  14. I just read the article on the jBeam Glorious driver. Any thoughts of comparison between the 2014 MP Craft and Glorious? Thank you for any replies.
  15. Went to fitter and he analyzed my swing with a Vector. He recommended various shafts that would fit my swing with the ViQ 10.5 head with the characteristics of each shaft. His recommendations based on what I told him I was willing to spend was (not in order of recommendation): Diamana Kai'li Diamana Fubuki Matrix Ozik Code 6 Graphite Design Tour AD Quattro Tech (blue shaft) Graphite Design Tour AD Quattro Tech (green shaft) He gave me a lot of info and said all were excellent for me. He personally preferred the GD with the green shaft but said the Ozik would have the best feel. He said the Diamana's are very good and would require the most aggressiveness which he said would not be a problem for me. A lot of info for me to filter through and I had to leave so no decision as of yet and need to go back.
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