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    Taylormade Supertri Tour Issue V2 Crazy TJ 80 Royal Collection 304P 14* Accra SE80 M5 Adams Prototype 3446-F 16* Accra XE80 M5 Epon 302 3 Iron NipponSP Blue X Flex Epon AF Tours 4-PW Nippon SP Blue X Flex Epon 208 Wedges 56,60 Heavy Putter Centre Shaft Epon Cart Bag Gripmaster Leather Grips Bushnell 1600 Tournament Laser Rangefinder
  1. skippercarey

    Bettinardi DASS BB1 350 gram! Tour Special

    I have a Crazy TJ 80 i would trade cost me $900 hardley used, its X flex though
  2. skippercarey


    It is still available
  3. skippercarey

    Which Crazy is the...

    I have the TJ 80 x flex, i wouldnt say its low launching more mid to high, i also had the quadra proto in the same head and the quadra was more piercing ball flight and felt better to, im giving the tj 80 one more chance in a TM head but so far i havent been impressed with it
  4. skippercarey


    Ok i thought youd like this one ;) just got home from work........so you came home over the christmas break? did you head over to barbungle this time?
  5. skippercarey


    Hi guys up for sale is a AF-101 head only, i custom ordered this one from Epon at 9.5 with 203g head weight and 0.5 open face angle, in good condition....no dents or chips just the usual wear on the sole and face, headcover included. $300 shipped worlwide via Australia Post. Thanks Bill
  6. skippercarey

    Epon 133 putter & circle J headcover

  7. Hi up for sale Epon i33 Limited Putter 34inch still in stock condition with the heavy shaft and epon grip/headcover excellent condition no dings/scratches just the normal wear on the sole $435 shiped And i have a highly sought after for japan only scotty cameron circle j headcover NIB $130.00 shiped Thanks Bill
  8. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    Wow thats a joke $4K + you could have bought one at the scotty cameron museum japan last week for 3K !! i notice a guy has listed 2 tour rats for sale here for more than i can have one custom ordered new to whatever finish paint fill you want................,madness Carlo i have rolled it on the carpet and the deep milling makes a big difference to the feel...........,very soft and i love the chunky top line of the rat, very similar to the 009, it has the smoked black shaft and black leather grip.............,looks amazing, looks like scotty is bringing the deep milling to the line up for 2012. i think it will be a big seller
  9. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    Nah its not the gss but it was pricey thats why i havent decided weather to play it or not yet, id need to sell the house to get a gss ;)
  10. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    I have a scotty cameron tour rat that i will probably give a go
  11. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    Also i will be listing a Epon i33 putter as well tomorrow if anyone is interested (without sky mark) ;)
  12. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    Haha yeah tell me about it, bloody kids have ruined my game im certainly not looking forward to playing of the 1hcp when i get back into it................, the 304P hurt the most coz i love that thing sky mark or not its in the bag for good
  13. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    Haha yeah after this one i got a slightly deeper RC 304P thinking i would be safe but that only lasted a few weeks b4 i gave it the 202 treatment!! i remember seeing tiger do it in a tournament on tv B4............, which makes you feel a bit better
  14. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    Cheers Carlo.......,if it didnt have the paint scratch on the crown i would have asked more but its been sitting in the cupboard around 6 months now so time to move it on
  15. skippercarey

    Epon 202HT

    Hi, up for sale is my Epon 202HT 15* head only has a slight sky mark but otherwise in excellent condition i have tried to capture the mark as best as i can asking $275.00 shiped worldwide, also includes original headcover Cheers Bill SOLD THANKS