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  1. Professionally installed Diamana Blueboard 73 Stiff shaft with IOMIC grip. $200 shipped to US 48. Paypal [email protected] For more info please email me. Thank you. PLEASE DELETE SOLD. THANK YOU.
  2. Like new Sky Caddie SG5 with travel package including travel case, screen protector, car charger, USB cable, home charger, leather holster, and belt clip. Great condition. $220 shipped US 48. For more pictures and info, email me at [email protected] Paypal only.
  3. If you have more DWD stuff, please let me know. Thanks. B.
  4. Need shaft recommendation on Geotech GT Utility Wood Head with two 10 gram weights for smooth tempo with ss 100 mph...
  5. Hi, fellow golfer, I live in Los Angeles as wel..
  6. Thanks... I feel much better now that I am not the only one. I will try the PX 5.0 and if there is any other recommendations, I am all ears. Thanks... Brian
  7. Thanks for your info. Maybe I need to go back to R flex... However, with swing speed of 93 mph for 6I, the ball flight is too high and 165 all carry and no roll. Is my length of 165 yards for 6I too short or slow to use stiff shaft? Someone told me to use other heavier shaft with lower kick for my swing. I just cannot decide what to do. In my case for loading problem, with lighter shaft, sometimes I just loose my tempo and shoot a massive hook. That is one of the key factor I am thinking of changing clubs or shafts or both. Please anyone, help me out and thank you for advise. I will look for more.
  8. I currently use Fourteen TC770 950GH Stiff and I hit 6 iron 165 yds. I cannot feel loading on the shaft with 950GH. I am in the process of either get iron set or change shafts. I don't know which will fit me the best. I have average tempo and pretty good rhythm... Help... So many shafts and can decide.... Thanks.
  9. No wonder... Thank you so much for your info. My drives are still high and not much roll. I got less dispersion with UST Mamiya and I could not load on Diamana Blue S73 stiff. Need your advise on search for the right driver and shaft combo.
  10. Dear Admin, I have been searching for that right one driver. Swing speed 98mph to one a good day 102mph. Using Titleist 909D2 9.5 with UST Mamiya Proforce Tour Black 69gr Stiff. Easy tempo and trajectory is high and not much roll. I catch the drive will go 275. Most of time, 250 to 260. I had tough time swing with my driver I was using. Bridgestone J33 460 9.5 with Diamana Blueboard S73 Stiff. Could not load the shaft and I could not feel any kick. Too stiff for me, I thought and wen to my current driver. I want some forgiveness from the head but I prefer traditional look and looking for that right combo. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. Hello... I just purchase UST Mamiya Proforce Axivcore Tour Black thinking it is same shaft as Axiv - X. I don't think they are but the place I purchased and installed from the guys are saying they are since the merger. If they are, the price difference is pretty high. Does anyone know or info on Japan and US marketing, change name and looks and charge more in Japan and less in US. Is that possible?