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  1. Contact me if you have one. Thanks
  2. FS Yamaha D202 driver

    I will include the original shaft which is sr flex
  3. If you have one, please let me know.
  4. Wtb Nippon prototype

    Stew, the x flex is not bad...still was able to laugh the ball hit and dead drop on green. got some other irons that I wanted to them them on.
  5. Wtb Nippon prototype

    2F15 in stiff 5 - PW
  6. -Tour AD BB6 stiff shaft play 45.5” -Original head cover -10.5 degree -$550 net shipped
  7. wtb jdm irons 4-pw or 5-pw

    Got a set Bridgestone j36 black heads with kbs black shaft..$300
  8. FS KBS c tapper shafts 5-P

    I was playing the set but hardly used the 4i.
  9. FS KBS c tapper shafts 5-P

    they are stiff. Steve, did you get to use that 4i over the weekend?
  10. FS KBS c tapper shafts 5-P

    these standard length. stiff flex $125 net shipped.
  11. thanks tsg

    nice? possible trade?