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  1. Still have it ! The T-72 was in the bag the whole summer and did great job. But for some reason there is no interest in the T-72? But then again EPON are not famous for putters and maybe the T-72 is just to different? Anyway still for sale if buddy is still looking for something different and rare this could be it? Wondering where are the rest of the 99 T-72 prototypes are? Are there anyone else on the forum that have one?
  2. LOWER PRICE US$ 225 + SHIPPING ! ! !
  3. Length is 34" and according to MR3 loft and lie machine it has 3° of loft and 72° of lie. The grip is Golf Pride V-PAD
  4. LOL no this one has to go ! Have Epon i33 in the pipe line.
  5. FOR SALE EPON T-72 PROTOTYPE ONE OF 100 MADE IN GOOD CONDITION (6 OUT OF 10). http://www.tourspecgolf.com/forum/topic/26017-epons-prototype-t72-neo-anser-putter-wpics/ PRICE: US$ 275 + SHIPPING
  6. Thanks for the info Hutchy. Its very much niche market so i guess it will be up to the potential buyer to decide how much it is worth to day. I guess in the range of $200 +/- on to days market? But there are some great high-end putters out there waiting.
  7. and how much did you sell your T-72 for? What do you think would be fair price for it?
  8. Hutchy this putter is outstanding looking and what a craftsmanship. Do you use it or is it only trophy putter? What did you pay for the make over? But after this weekend play i am not sure if the T-72 is for keep or just sell it to finance the purchase of Golds, Yamada, Bettinardi or even the the Epon i33. Wonder how much i can sell the T-72 for? Hutchy i am not sure if should thank you or blame you for this sudden interest in high end putters LOL ! I think the T-72 is made out of aircraft aluminum and the wings are made of tungsten? Not sure though? Does any body know?
  9. Good point by Duffer19 and I am not sure if T-72 is the right putter for the golds makeover? I have few old Teardrop TD putters i would love to have done with adjustable weight screws and few other adjustment lie, loft etc. Most likely i will just keep it and play with it doesn't look like it has any value so there is no point of selling it. Does any one know what kind material it is made out of?
  10. That is a good idea Hutchy . Is there any website for "Master golds makeover" ? The sticker is some how out of place for the putter. I would have have preferred it with the big Epon logo stamped at the back like the i-33. But then again it was a prototype so i guess few minor detail might have been left out for the final product. Is there any value in the T-72? Should i just continue playing it or just do the makeover and keep it as trophy putter?
  11. Found this link here at Tourspecgolf http://www.tourspecgolf.com/forum/topic/26017-epons-prototype-t72-neo-anser-putter-wpics/ So there was 100 pieces made with out sole stamping. Mine has the white hot insert and with no stamp so i guess its prototype for sure. According to the link the T-72 was made in three different types two inserts white hot insert, ceramic and no insert. At mygolfspy.com the T-72 is nominated as one of the 23 craziest putter design and is listed as very rare putter. Not sure why its named craziest putter design? Its little bit out of the box design but not one of 23 craziest. So i guess its interesting putter after all. Does any one at this forum have one or tried one? If so any thoughts? PS. Wonder if Epon knew that T-72 was Soviet battle tank in the 70´s?
  12. I have had the T-72 for long time, it has nice balance and nice role. But i have be wondering what is the story behind it? Was it only made as proto type? If so how many T-72 where made? What was the retail price? Does it have any value to day? It was suppose to have one of the highest MOI of any putter made? What was the MOI and is that true? If any one has any info please feel free to chip in.
  13. Putter Epon T-72 Shaft: Steel Length: 34" Lie: 71° Condition: 6 out of 10 show some where and tear $200 + shipping (estimated $75 +/- ) or best offer!
  14. Irons sold ! ! ! ! ! The putter is still for sale! Putter Epon T-72 Shaft: Steel Length: 34" Lie: 71° Condition: 6 out of 10 show some where and tear $300 + shipping (estimated $75 +/- ) or best offer!
  15. Gentlemen thanks for the comments, regarding comment from Swisstrader, you are wright could have been done better. The putter and the irons will be sold as one. Irons: Epon Technity Type X 5-pw with Shaft: Nippon 850 Length: 5 iron measures 38.00" Lie: 1° up Swing weight: D-0 +/- Grip: Golf Pride Multi Compound Condition: 6 out of 10 show some where and tear. Putter Epon T-72 Shaft: Steel Length: 34" Lie: 71° Condition: 6 out of 10 show some where and tear The shipping is only estimate more of a guidelines, its a telephone estimate from the post office, will try to get exact shipping price asap. Price is only guideline so please feel free to make me an offer. Best regards AJ