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  1. SOLD Here is a set of PRGR ID Nabla Tour heads 4 to PW. One of the best looking, best feeling and performing iron sets out there. Condition is great with very few marks. See photos US$350 Paypal gifted or buyer pays Paypal fee + half shipping cost for international. (free shipping within Australia). Payment in Bitcoin or Etherium also accepted. Contact me for shipping costs.
  2. Its been a while since I cleared out the excess... starting a cleanup. First up a set of Miura Giken CB-1008 heads (4-PW). Barely used in great condition. 5iron has a small nick on leading edge near toe - shown in close up photo. The numbers and logo have been paint filled with metallic blue which can be removed with acetone if wanted. Original black paint is under that. Pictures speak for themselves. Let me know if you have any questions. US$ 700 Paypal gifted or buyer pays Paypal fees + half shipping cost for international (free shipping in Australia) Payment in Bitcoin or E
  3. Hi there, doesn't look legit. I have had a Scotty Cameron refinished and modified by Gold's and when I look up the order number on my certificate on the Gold's website I can see exactly my putter. So I would guess they have somehow obtained a photo of a certificate... Why don't you ask the seller a question about the putter not matching the order number, see what explanation they come up with :) Anyway, I would stay away. Cheers,
  4. I haven't seen the Epons in person, but they look very similar.
  5. Yep, the 2 iron is a Nike split cavity which was forged by Miura that year who also forged the CB-247 I believe. OnOff did not have a 2 iron, but the Nike is the exact same shape as can be seen..
  6. You are right, no trades... got too much stuff :)
  7. Here is a classic iron like you have never seen it before. The cult classic OnOff CB247 refinished in pure copper. The last two photos below show the heads when I got them prior to any oxidation (patina). I have played the 4-PW for about 3 rounds and kept the 2, 3 and sand wedge indoors. The feel is absolutely great. These irons are soft already, but the copper adds another dimension. The photos of the 8 iron head show how the color changes as they oxidize. I wiped the top edge of the 8 iron with some "bar keeper's friend" to show how they can be returned to shiny copper at any time.
  8. Yep there isn't much that is better. If I can find a 3 iron I will keep these. Anyone got a 3 iron in these they wanna sell? :)
  9. price drop: US$420 shipped pretty much anywhere. that is net to me (paypal gifted or buyer covers paypal fees)
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