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  1. 33" Putter

    Wonderful stuff. Let me know which ones the shorty.
  2. 33" Putter

    Blade / Anser style and heavy heads. superstroke grips would be ideal. coppers and jdm would be a bonus. thanks stu
  3. 33" Putter

    Let me know what you have to offer.
  4. looking for a trade buddy for the seven dreamers combo?

    have a Basileus AAA 2015 with GPOM head, PRGR Egg 7 9* driver, ryoma D1, trpx D103 head, PRGR Egg FWs / utilities on offer

  5. Will try to post pictures again tonight. Struggling to upload them.
  6. Clearing some idle stuff. Shipping will be via EMS trackable. 1) Jbeam Glorious (black) 10* shafted with Roddio M5 SR flex 45.25". Headcover in good condition. $SOLD for the combo 2) TRPX D-013 10* with used original headcover. $300 shipped nett of paypal fees 3) Ryoma F5 with Tour AD DJ 5 stiff flex with used original headcover. $370 shipped nett of paypal fees Feel free to contact me via PM or email [email protected] Trades Consideration: Ryoma Ute, A-Grind Proto Ute
  7. New to Japan Irons - Need Advice

    I would echo everyone's sentiments and go for the onoffs.. Good combo of feel and forgiveness.. Theres a bunch of other good sets on offer in the bst forum. Not sure if its still around but i saw the onoff rb247 on sale. Though not forged but its forgiveness and non-chunky appearance are a good trade off.
  8. Emmlid Bahama drivers...

    From address, it bears a canny resemblance to the Grand Prix One Minute driver. Let us know how the EB works out for you.
  9. Whats the playing length buddy?
  10. Serge, Whats the loft on the Emilid?
  11. SOLD Thank TSG

    Any details on the shaft? Weight / flex