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  1. As of 2 weeks ago the contract with Callaway was not a sure thing yet but I know everybody read the news reports so it would seem to be a done deal. The new driver is rumoured to be an adjustable driver. Maybe Ryo is honouring the current contract with YY until 2013 and is playing the new one out of loyalty. Seems like a very Japanese thing to do.
  2. I know these! They are the original Tourn Sp that the Yonex staff players used in the mid 80's They are essentially the Macgregor Muirfield irons as they came from the same forging house. They are a very nice iron and would be similar to Miura Baby Blades today in performance. I used these for 2 years when they came out. The give away for the age is the old Yonex Logo on them. I think they had the old DG S 200 in them. All us staff players used them in about 1987 I recall.
  3. I am currently using the C Tapers S+ in a new set of heads. I previously, and still have, the Yonex Cyberstar Forged irons that have the original PX Satin 6.0 in them. I love those irons and am keeping the set around. I had a new set of the Cyberstar heads that I've been sitting on and fitted the KBS on them last week so I can make a side by side comparison. Ball flight on the shorter irons is definitely lower than the orig PX. Mid irons about the same but the long irons are lower and flatter but for some reason the ball gets up easier with the C Tapers although not flying as high. Distance is really about the same so 5% longer is going to be a stretch for most I think. I find the feel quite good and I cannot decide if the short irons are less responsive in the tip than the PX or not. For sure it's a different feel but I need to spend a bit of time out on the course with both shafts hitting the same shots. The only thing I can say that is in any way negative is the shaft looks thicker than the PX at address. The finish on the KBS makes it look thicker than it actually is but when I first used the Satins I thought they looked odd too but got used to them over a short time. I'm sure the KBS will look good pretty quick. In the end the C Taper is a very good shaft compared to the original satin. Way better than the current PX and I think best suited to a ground loader as opposed to a picker of the ball. If you're a picker there are better options out there.