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  1. When I saw the topic of this thread, I thought it might have been originated by the guys at TourTunedGolf! :-)
  2. I have X-16 Pros with Project X 5.5s. I am going to reshaft with DGS300. What is the hosel diameter on the X-16 Pro and do I need a special ferrule? Thanks for your replys, Mfinger
  3. I talked to Fujikura. The Tour Release 36.3 will not ship until May 1. Anyone have any similar suggestions? The specs on that shaft are pretty nice. I will probably wait. I am going to let Jim at Custom Club Coatings refinish the head first anyway. My local reshafter nicked the toe on his vice I think! May will be here before you know it.
  4. I am considering putting a Tour Release 36.3 in my TM 8.5 TP. First, I need a good source to buy the shaft and have it put in the club. Any recommendations? I hate to have to mail this clubhead to anyone but I do not have a local Fujikura shaftfitter in North Louisiana. Second, with the hosel depth of the TP being shorter than standard, does the shaft need to be tipped before installation. Pro clubfitters, please help me out. Mfinger
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