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  1. Have the 2013 3 wood 15 and 17. 5 wood and 9 wood. The price you paid expecially for the 3 wood is very good, as they are Ti. The others are steel heads. The sound takes getting used to. Its a shallow head so might have issues off fluffy lies. The TI are long. I think there is a cult following on the 2013 models as the prices in the used market does not drop too low.
  2. Okay after a few months of use. I have a better handle on which I like better. The winner is SS6. In actual use, I would agree that the insert has a softer feel. I thought it was harder but after playing it does feel softer. This putter after adjustments is much easier to line up. I think it help with the extended back. The putter head is also heavier and allows a smoother stroke. The ball does not travel as far with the same stroke as the 9 but it does roll clean. The feel is the closest to my custom putter from Whitlam (I like the little dog better but I cannot get the distance control dialed in on slower greens). So now the SS6 will be my main putter with the little dog for fast greens breaking greens. The SS9 ball rolls out farther. And does not feel as soft. The other issue I had was aligning on putts. I sort of adjusted to the wider back end but for some reason I cannot consistently line up quickly (so I miss short putt edging the holes). Maybe need more time with it but for now will just store it for future use.
  3. Yes to me there is a feel difference. The FIT face produces a faster ball speed off the face. Good on slow green not so much so on fast greens. The FIT also sound very matellic, like a click. The non-FIT has a softer feel (to me)
  4. Last year I puchased the signature 6. This year I purchased the 9 Here is my take: SS6 Pro: Compact, cavity fames the ball equally - ball with cut out. Like the face etching better. Con: Top line not straight on both sides, inside curved out, harder to align quickly. Not very forgiving for a mallet putter. SS9 Pro: Straight top line. Looks even smaller than the 6 but its really the same size. Like the rear cut out. More forgiving than the 6. Con: The middle cutout does not frame the ball (not the same size like the 6). Both: Fit and finish are outstanding. The swing weight on the 6 is E2 and the 9 is D6. Might be the same weight as I ordered the 9 with a mid size grip. The stainless Steel does not scatch as easlier than the carbon model I am replacing. Berttinardi makes some amazing putters. No one I play with knows about this brand, they think its a Mizuno knock off.
  5. I tried all and Now the max st is my goto club for distance. But only after I changed out the shaft. I had a crazy deco in my d1 st before I cracked the head. At that time it was my best setup. I got the max st with the upgraded shaft. Not bad but when I put the crazy in the max st, the feel came back for me. I played the same course with both and this set up got me down farther than my d1 st. It's more forgiving than my ping but not as much as my regular d1, can't comment against the d1st as I returned the head. Must say, it's a blast to play with, no regrets.
  6. My original st also cracked after about a year of use, I'm like you only averaged in the mid 80s. Tourspec sent it back and I got it replaced with a regular model (since the ST was no longer being produced). I'm hoping that the new ST has the cracking solved. I missed the orginal ST so much that I now have two newer ST just in case I have the same problem. This new ST is the longest driver I've used (I do think its longer than the original st but I cannot tell). Again the new ST is about 20 yards longer then the original D1.
  7. Having played the previous D1st and the regular D1. This max st is straighter, longer, feels and sound better than the original d1. It launches higher and a little more roll then the D1 I got the G shaft. Liked it so much, I purchased another one. My original D1st cracked so am unable to compare st to st.
  8. Just a quick review on the ST Ryoma. I previously had the ST D-1 original and really liked it. It was longer than anything I hit previously and it was very forgiving. People constantly told me it was a magic club. I would get a 20+ yards more than my R7. The sad thing is one day it was acting very funny. Even though I would flush the ball would die like a dead duck. Found that I had cracked the head. Now my head speed is only 84-6. So I did not even consider that. Sent it back for replacement but the ST was no longer being made so they sent me a regular D1 (which is good too, but I had already purchased one for legal play). When I saw that the new Ryoma was again doing the ST, I jumped at it. This time I did not upgrade the shaft, instead went with the G model with the better shaft. It arrived last week. Had two rounds with it. I can say it is more forgiving than the original ST and just as long. I have decided to purchase another ST just in case. Great combination for my swing speed.
  9. Has anyone compared the Ray non conforming 460 to the Ryoma ST model. I had the ST Ryoma with Crazy Dec and was banging it. Until I cracked the head. Because they don't make the ST anymore, it was replaced with a conforming model. I now have the funds to find another non conforming model and am looking for the right combo.
  10. After three rounds with each I found the Whitlam little dog to be my favorite. The Whitham sound and fell is more to my liking. But it is not as forgiving as the Bettinardi SS6. I had my club fitter get the Little dog to a D4 and it makes all the difference with my distance control (thanks akpur for the input). As for the feel I think its due to the carbon vs the stainless. The Bettinardi is the first stainless head I've purchased. May grow to love it later but for now my gamer is the Whitlam and will keep the Bettinardi in the hole. Both are head and shoulders above my Scotty squareback.
  11. Thanks for the info. Based on that and my thoughts, I uglied up my little dog with lead tape on the cavity to get the swing weight to D2. Now it fells and rolls right. I have much better distance control at D2. When I do finally change out the grip I need to put in weights in the shaft so I can get my clean look back.
  12. Very nice custom paint job. I've tried the little dog for two session at the range. Found it to roll true. But you can really feel (hear) the difference if you don't hit it right. Took me awhile to get use to the center line (most of my putters are propotional to the center line). This one looks to have most of the weight at the toe so I kept hitting it off center. Could you do me a favor, Could you get me your swing weight of the putter. I'm debating if I need more weight. Was wondering if I should add weights in the shaft.
  13. Just got them this week. Whitlam is a custom made little dog with a double bend shaft, making it face balanced. The other is the Bettinardi Signature 6. Haven't taken the wrap off the Bettinardi but it putted great. The swing weight was much heavier then I expected...over e4. I always liked the look of the Whitlam little dog needed a face balanced putter (which the regular dog was not). Contacted Eric at Whitlam and they built one for me (at a cost of course). The Whitlam has a much lighter swing weight.,,C8. My original Scotty squareback was a D2 so I'll see which I like better.
  14. I would like to thank Tourspec for getting me static fitting with the proper setup. Backgound: First purchase to tourspec was the Special tune with Crazy RD shaft. Waited and waited. Finally arrived and it went lights out for me. I'm hitting 70+ fairways plus the misses are just off. Had paint issues on the club. They fixed it and shipped back for free. Very good customer support. During this time I debated on a legal D1, so I purchased the a premia with the same shaft. I'm amazed long the regular goes. Not as far is the ST but close. After 6 months of play. My playing partners now calls it the magic club. I gained 15-20 on the regular and another 10 on the ST. They all got the TM rocket and still does not match the Ryoma. FYI my swing speed is in the high 80s so not too fast. I use to use my PRGR egg 3 wood off the tees to get it in the tight fairways. Now I just tee it up and hit driver on every hole other than the 3s. I would not hesitate to recommend the regular model to anyone with lower swing speeds like mine. Now that Ryoma will upgrade the driver, I might like ST model again. So Please tourspec, when it does come out or is in the process try and get info comparing to the older ST model also. I'd be very impressed if they can make this better.
  15. I too like the Ryoma ST its 15 yds longer than the regular Ryoma which is 10 yds longer than my R7. So I gained 25 from my R7 460. Both my Ryoma has the crazy Royal D.
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