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  1. @binance_2017 Is there an iOS app issue? seems to have unauthorised itself??

  2. #lenovocanalys https://t.co/b4TRjmXOyP

  3. @THEAFLSHOUTER So no reveal?


  5. @THEAFLSHOUTER @sam_mcclure Busy fixing his hair

  6. @PrincessPark7 @BGibbsy4 Gonsky?

  7. @THEAFLSHOUTER great work btw mate!

  8. @THEAFLSHOUTER @sam_mcclure I totally agree with #THESHOUTER. Once asked on radio why @sam_mcclure isn't a Blues m… https://t.co/ezslRtW74b

  9. @ThePokeAlertApp OK updated to 4.0.4, alerts seem to work but pokemon icons not appearing on the map, any ideas? Cheers

  10. @ThePokeAlertApp Hi will the beta version wipe out all my previous settings when installed? do i need to re-configure them again? cheers

  11. @ThePokeAlertApp Hi, great work! any chance of release a PC or iOS version? some of us dont run androids however would love to utilize. Thx

  12. @FastPokeMapCom I don't usually comment via twitter that often...but thank you and the team so much!

  13. @TheDramoth @PrincessPark7 sums it up.

  14. @CarltonFC can I please have our membership talley? Have we reached our target after win? Cheers