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  1. In addition to the latest Golf Digest Photo of the new Ping i15 (Players Driver) comes the first on course photo of it. Inbee Park's caddy was kind enough to show the camera a glimpse of the Ping i15 Driver, and boy does it look different in person. The biggest difference with this photo and the one above is the all Matte Black Finish Covering the head! I think this wasn't captured as well in comparison to a closeup but I can imagine this looking very cool in your own hands. This driver seems to be getting cooler every day that we learn more about it. Next thing you know we'll find out it is code named "The Fonz" !!! Either way stay tuned on TSG and FittingBlog to keep updated with the latest news regarding the Ping G15/i15 Lineup.
  2. Here is my update on the G15/i15 Lineup... -Looking to be released around the first week in August -Two Lineups including a G15 lineup (Driver through irons) that is geared more towards the player looking for game improvement clubs. -The i15 lineup is going to be geared more towards players seeking more classic looking clubs that set up clean to the eye and are less forgiving than the G series. I think it might be a mix between the i10 lineup and S57 lineup that we currently see. -Golf Digest is the first media outlet to release the first photo of the Ping i15 driver. I am already excited from the looks of it. Very classic looking with a longer hosel which could possibly be bent (upright, flat, open, closed?) -We'll be doing some serious TrackMan testing throughout the entire lineup as we get our hands on it. Looking to do some testing vs. current G10 & Rapture V2 clubs. I'm thinking this new Ping lineup will be epic and they normally do not disappoint. More updates to soon...