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    As of Feb 13: Covert Tour/7M3, Egg Spoon 15* (Crazy FW80), Egg 4i+ (Crazy UT) Epon Personals (Aerotech i110), Yururi Raw 51* and 57*, Machine custom 1018 Carbon 5.0 M2A, copper plated, boat back flange, antique patina finish.
  1. I'm pretty convinced the RomaRo blade and Crazy blade are the same mold just different tweaks. Makes sense. I just prefer the aesthetics of RomaRo blade. Good stuff!
  2. I have a full 80T (well almost diamana X) going in one head and stinger boron in another and will give them a fair run down soon. May even swap them.
  3. I was trying to decide between these and pro forged and opted for the RomaRo and couldn't be happier but you know how it is. Always the wandering eye. Based on my preference and your reviews I think I made the right choice for me. The RomaRo are gorgeous, surprisingly forgiving, and feel splendid on well struck shots. Long too for their lofts.
  4. It's almost certainly the plating and should be nullified with a proper refinish. It isn't so much the actual feel as it is the sound frequency created by the surface coating itself from my understanding.
  5. How do you compare them to the Pro Forged?
  6. It's your old Stinger stew. I thought you were a huge fan of the X?
  7. I just snagged one cheap with stock S shaft. Gonna give it a whirl and see what happens. Have a Diamana X and a Stinger to mess with.
  8. "The club" literally! I've been hot and cold on it for a while. I have an extra Stinger and Diamana X I just acquired and thought this might make a rightful home for one of them.
  9. I really like both but the onoff is much easier. Much much easier in the longer irons.
  10. What is baffling to me is that there is a LOT of offset in some of the 302s while the longer irons have very little. I really don't understand the purpose of not having offset/face progression where you need it, and having it where you don't. 302s seem a perfect example.
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