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  1. For those interested, I got a set of X-CBP with MCI Black shafts in them. Came in today and I went to the range. I think I may have found what I was looking for. Real test will be out on the course, but I'm happy at the moment. Thanks for all the input from you all!
  2. Also, does anyone have a list of available graphite/composite shaft options through Bridgestone that are available for these irons? I can't seem to find the custom list anywhere. I was able to find the US retail options on the X-MB and X-CB, but not the X-CBP.
  3. Supo - thanks for the link and explanation. Doesn't look like it's an option for me though. Ones I'm seeing are OTi, MCI (standard and black models), Attas and Tour AD that are in my weight range that I see. With no experience with either of them, I don't know how they play to flex, launch, feel, etc as info is minimal on these for the most part.
  4. Thanks nob and supo! supo - Any experience how these shafts compare to SF i95 in stiff (i.e. flex, launch, spin, etc)? With the Z565 in the longer irons, I really love the ball flight with those shafts, but feel as though they launch a little too high and ballooned a bit with the lower irons. I'm looking for something that lower's the flight in the shorter irons and keeps them comparable to what I currently have in the longer irons. I definitely want heavier shafts 105-110g in the shorter irons which may help a bit in that department as well and maybe even in my longer irons, although I'm not opposed to an ascending weight shaft set like the MCI black 100 series, especially since I have steel wedge shafts that are on the heavier side already.
  5. Are the MCI black supposed to be high launch and spin?
  6. Those aren't cheap are they? Can you tell me more about them?
  7. Don't temp me with a good time. What shaft would you suggest? Looking for not steel so my joints like me. Have an aggressive swing. Want a nice smooth feeling one that is on the heavier side. What would you suggest?
  8. Thanks nob! The MCB look like a lot more refined Adams Idea (no knock on it). Would be great if I could get it out. Also noticed that the don't have a 3 or 4 iron which would've a deal breaker. The 9903 doesn't do a whole lot for me visually but worth a look. Any other suggestions? Doesn't have to be new and maybe even preferred used due to costs.
  9. I posted this in a couple other places with no luck. Hoping I can get some feedback here. Does anyone have any experience with these? Can't seem to find any info on these. There's plenty on the X-CB but not the one with a pocket as it appears to be Japan only release. Currently play a Srixon Z765 (pw-7i)/Z565 (6-4i with the 6i bent 1* weak) combo with SF i95 stuff shafts. I love the forgiveness and flight of the Z565, but not thrilled about the Z765 (may have more to do with my skill level than anything). The feel on both is nice but nothing special for me. Thought about going all 5 series but the stronger lofts in the shorter irons put me off. Hit it far enough (7i is 175 carry) and my yardage gaps are good the way it is (wedges are 51*, 55*, 60* if that matters). The X-CBP seems to be lofted similarly to what I'm used to so I'm wanting to know what the forgiveness of them would be compared to. Also, any other JDM irons that would have similar forgiveness and more player's CB lofts that I should look at?Also, not sure if it matters much, but I think the SF i95 shafts are a little too light for my liking. May want to look into the i110 or another graphite/composite options for my joints. Reading up on the Attas and Roddio. Any recommendations on shafts would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks all for the advice. I think I may just have to wait a little more now since my son was born yesterday morning. I'm a proud papa that doesn't know when or how often he'll be playing in the near future. On the plus side, it'll give me a chance to do my research on what's available in my price range and read reviews. e Yamaha will definitely be on my short list. What's the difference between the tour and non models?
  11. Swisstrader, I definitely understand your comment about getting fit for the clubs but the problem is that then the irons will have to be new and will cost considerably more than what I have to spend. That's why I'm looking at a relatively cost effective solution to getting started with JDM irons. If and when I decide to buy a new set, I will definitely get fit. In the meantime, I'm looking for recommendations.
  12. What irons are those? They look nice in the cavity. From your description of them, they sound like they're right up my alley. How much can I find a used set of those for do you think? I don't have to have Bridgestone. I'm open to manufacturer so long as it fits my needs and looks good. I'll need to look into the Yamaha. I'm not a big fan of the looks of the Fourteen and have hit them at a shop but they didn't feel like anything special. What model prgr would you recommend?
  13. The reason I would consider the 302s is that in talking to MoreBeerBetterGolf, he told me that from his experience, the 302s fall in line with JPX Pro 800 in terms of forgiveness with the edge to the JPX. You're either saying that the Pro100s are just as forgiving or the 302s aren't that forgiving. Like I said in my original post, I'm looking for something with more forgiveness than the Precepts (if anyone can provide a comparison) to help me because I won't be playing much once my first child is born. The 302s are not on the must have right now list. They're more of a ultimate iron wish list for me. Looking on ebay, I've seen various JDM irons that are within my budget, such as some older OnOff models from 2007 and 2008 (sold my ushop_ec), some older Miura/Miuraism, and Tourstage irons. I just don't know how they are in terms of feel, forgiveness, and looks. On the note of Tourstage, what are the differences between the Tourstage and Bridgestone US models of certain irons? The J40 CB looks very similar to the Tourstage X blades (I think that's the model), but I'm not sure what the actual difference are.
  14. I'm assuming you're joking about these irons being a good candidate. Aren't these irons blades? I'm in no way good enough to play blades nor do I claim to.