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  1. Norboo

    club has shipped.

    Thanks to everyone that sent offers. I found one and it's on it's way. Thanks
  2. Norboo

    club has shipped.

    I want to buy Epon AF-303 AW (gap wedge) prefer head only but not a must. I can also trade my AF-303 PW for AW.
  3. Norboo

    2015 ONOFF Forged KURO Irons

    Does anyone have the lofts of the iron set? 3-PW?
  4. Norboo

    WTB: Epon AF-303 irons

    Want to buy Epon AF-303 irons with or without shafts. Prefer without shaft.
  5. Norboo

    PRGR Egg PX-03 15*

    No Trade! I bought this wood while back ago from here if my memory serves me correctly. I think it's 1/2 shorter. Original shaft and head cover. New MCC white grip. Club and grip in good condition, TBH, I don't know how much I bought it for (I think $350ish?) $250 free shipping to 48 US contiguous states.
  6. Thanks for the offer but looking for AF-202.
  7. Who is Free HD? I did t see any listings.
  8. Want to buy: Epon AF-303 irons with or without shafts. Prefer without shaft Need 2 sets
  9. Norboo

    2013 ONOFF Forged Iron Pics

    Any reviews? When are they amiable? When will they have demo irons?
  10. Norboo

    2013 ONOFF Forged Iron Pics

    In terms of forgiveness, how forgiving are they compared to the Mizuno? Would you say MP-57, JPX Pro, or JPX and also in distance wise, which would they compare to? Thank you
  11. Norboo

    50* GAP WEDGE. anyone?

    I have an older miura 50* wedge
  12. Norboo

    Best JDM Fairway wood?

    Last Q, which is the easiest to hit off the deck?
  13. Norboo

    Best JDM Fairway wood?

    Which has the highest launch? Which is the most forgiving? Which is the longest? between: RC Yamaha Egg
  14. Norboo

    Best JDM Fairway wood?

    *sigh* this is going to cost me isn’t it? LOL If you had to pick from Yamaha or RC, which would you go with? I already have an egg on it’s way