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  1. Norboo

    WTB: Ryoma F5

    Looking for Ryoma F5 only. Not the D1 F5.
  2. Norboo

    Ryoma F3

    Just picked up a Ryoma F3 with Beyond Power shaft. What are your thoughts on Beyond Power shaft? How do you pronounce Ryoma? “Royle Ma” “Rome Ma”, “Roll ma”? Hit a few at the range and ball goes high. Not too sure about the distance yet. I might need the F5.
  3. Norboo

    Japanese Driver?

    What are some good Japanese drivers that is forgiving as G400 Max and longer?
  4. Thanks to everyone that replied. Search still goes on.
  5. Looking for: Ryoma F3 or F5 2017 models Crazy all Ti 2017 3 (15.5) JBeam G 2017/2018 Please do not PM with other fairway woods. Thank you
  6. Any reviews on the newer PRGR fairway woods? Also, how are the newer OnOff fairway woods?
  7. Any reviews? Pros and cons? ‘Thank you
  8. Norboo

    Roddio Fairway Wood Tool?

    Anyone have a tool I can borrow or buy? If borrowing, I can leave a deposit and pay for shipping both ways.
  9. Norboo

    Roddio Fairway Wood Tool?

    Great... i was going to contact you next. LOL. Oh well, lesson learned. This will be my one and only experience with Roddio. I hope I like the fairway wood at least. Worse comes to worst, I guess I’ll have to use counter sink on the weights. I just hope I can pull the shaft and adapter without any complications tomorrow.
  10. Norboo

    Roddio Fairway Wood Tool?

    Thank you!
  11. Norboo

    Roddio Fairway Wood Tool?

    Thank you. As for reshafting, doesn’t sound too hard as long as adapter pulls out clean. I just wish I can get a hold of a tool so I can adjust the sole weights. I think it’s set on draw bias. Do you by chance have links to Japanese auction sites so I may search for a tool?
  12. Where can I get a hold of Roddio Fairway Wood tool for the weight screws on the sole of the club? What weights are the color coded weights on the sole? Also, what are the dot settings on the ferrule? I assume shaft and ferrule can be removed with head gun?
  13. Norboo

    WTB: JBeam G-FW Full Ti

    Looking for JBeam G-FW full Ti in 15 degrees. With or without shaft.
  14. Norboo


  15. Norboo

    Fairway woods

    What are some good Japanese fairwoods? Any in 4 wood 16 to 16.5 degrees?