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  1. Which 4 iron is long and forgiving without looking too clunky?
  2. I am currently using Ryoma F3 and F5 with Beyond Power shaft. What are some great JDM fairway woods within the last 6 years in terms of: Forgiveness Distance Easy to elevate
  3. Norboo

    Ryoma F2

    I assume deal is done?
  4. Looking for Ryoma Fairway Wood: Not the D-1 but F3 and F5 with Beyond Power Shaft.
  5. Norboo


    Looking for Ryoma: Driver: with Beyond Power shaft or full club. Fairway Wood: Not the D-1 but F3 with Beyond Power Shaft or just the 3 wood Beyond Power Shaft.
  6. You have me confused with someone else or you need to learn to read. I have never miss spelled it. I just didn’t know how it was pronounced.
  7. Always a SmartAzz or two in the group. I’ve forgotten about that site long ago. I was reminded of that site by someone posting a link few weeks ago. I bookmarked it on my iPad and forgotten what the name of the site was when I was at the office.
  8. What is the name of the other Japanese golf forum? Not WRX.
  9. That is work of art!
  10. Is this televised or video online? If so, where?
  11. I have GD Tour AD F coming this week for my F3. I also use G400 Max, but spins too much for me. My G20 is about 20 yards longer. I need to find a shaft for my G400 Max or try the LST
  12. What driver are you using?
  13. I have GD Tour AD F in my TEE EX10 Beta 4 wood and love it, but after trying the Ryoma, I couldn’t believe how good this head is. Can’t wait till my shaft comes in this week.
  14. Best fairwood I have ever test/owned and I have owned and test just about every US fairway woods. I only tested few Japanese fairwaywood including Roddio and Egg. However, Beyond Power shaft isn’t working for me. It’s very easy shaft to swing and launch the ball high, but it lack that umph for my swing. I think GD Tour F will fit me perfect. Now, I need to find a F5!
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