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  1. WTB: OnOff Kuro Iron set. Prefer head only. 5-PW
  2. Owned it for many years and sold them all. I currently have EX9 Tour and EX10 Beta
  3. I have the same shaft in my irons and wedges.
  4. JDM Fairway woods are so hard to buy without trying or seeing it in person. I do not like the shallow face, but Ryoma F5 will stay in my bag. I wish I can find a solid 3 or 4 wood that I can tee off with as well as play off the deck.
  5. Thank you. I've tried most wedges from CBX, CBX2 to all US blade style gap wedges. I might have to get my RTX4 50* bent few degrees and see if I can fill the gap or look at JDM wedges.
  6. I have Ryoma Fairway woods and driver with Beyond Power shafts. I would say they are more for driver swing speed of 95 and less. very easy to load and get up in the air.
  7. I have two sets of OnOff 2015 Kuro which I love. However, I have hard time finding a gap wedge to fill in the gap between my PW and GW. My PW goes 140 yards and all the 50* GW goes 120 yards. I would like a wedge that can cover that gap. Any recommendation?
  8. No Trade Ryoma Maxima Type V Driver 10.5 degrees with Beyond Power Shaft, one flex infinity Shaft. 45 inches long. $290 includes shipping to Contiguous 48 states. Of overseas or other states, please PM me for shipping cost.  Comes with Not the original headcover, but with comes with Tour Edge CB4 Driver headcover. 
  9. No trade. Ryoma F3 with Beyond Power Infinity Flex Shaft. One flex shaft. This is not the D1. comes with headcover. $360 includes shipping to Contiguous 48 states. Of overseas or other states, please PM me for shipping cost.
  10. Which 4 iron is long and forgiving without looking too clunky?
  11. I am currently using Ryoma F3 and F5 with Beyond Power shaft. What are some great JDM fairway woods within the last 6 years in terms of: Forgiveness Distance Easy to elevate Edited: Not too shallow, I like hitting Fairway woods off the tee as well as deck.
  12. Norboo


    I assume deal is done?
  13. Looking for Ryoma Fairway Wood: Not the D-1 but F3 and F5 with Beyond Power Shaft.
  14. Norboo


    Looking for Ryoma: Driver: with Beyond Power shaft or full club. Fairway Wood: Not the D-1 but F3 with Beyond Power Shaft or just the 3 wood Beyond Power Shaft.
  15. You have me confused with someone else or you need to learn to read. I have never miss spelled it. I just didn’t know how it was pronounced.
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