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  1. Many thanks wil do. Getting some idea from distances - appear to be a club shorter than my regular irons (R11's) and about the same as my friends Ping Eye2 s.
  2. Anyone have information regarding the lofts of these Morita Irons please. Thanks for any info or links to where can locate information.
  3. Tks. Thought it might be the Aermet/Springface.
  4. "apart for them being non conforming of course !! " Any idea of the reason for being non-conforming ? Grooves or Springface or both ?
  5. Only social golf these days so non-conforming not an issue . Tks for responding.
  6. Tks for response.. I am quite surprised by the ' others not so good' Quality appears better than most . I had opportunity to play a round with them today and was impressed.... shaft excellent and from a performance point of view play much better than a set of Homna LB606 H&F's I had for a while. Could be in my ageing years and rising handicap they just fit me now haha...
  7. I am hoping someone can identify these Japanese Irons for me. I have searched but not found any useful information about the manufacturer or the model. The hosel of the irons (4-SW) are stamped with the name S.Wantabe. The shaft has the following information on the label "Super Aero Stick 380. Super Extra Light Graphite. Made in Japan. Any information would be most welcome. Thanks for looking. 20180919_114808.mp4
  8. Greetings from Kuching, Malaysia. Just changing over from TM Superfast Driver ( which has Matrix Ozik 4.5 M Flex (US Spec) Reg 50 gram shaft fitted) to TM R11 J 10.5 Driver with stock Fuji Motore 50 SR fitted. Expected to find some difference initially but finding that distance is a little disappointing. Shaft feel is OK. Have modified flight angle down from 10.5 to 10 in order to try to make up distance.. My swing speed is 83 mph and as Senior Golfer my backswing is now not full but my timing is good and normally have no trouble keeping up with average + golfers much less than my age. Would appreciate feedback from others regarding the Fuji shaft in this driver and any suggestions/advice on maybe an alternative shaft change.
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