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  1. Sold/traded, thanks!

    No one wants to give it a whirl? Let me know what you have to trade. Looking at irons, new or like new wedges....
  2. Sold/traded, thanks!

    bump. Sad to see it not sell at this price, I'll keep if no offers soon I guess. This really is a good combo for those that can swing an x shaft
  3. Sold/traded, thanks!

    Double bump
  4. Sold/traded, thanks!

    Give me an offer I can't refuse!
  5. Sold/traded, thanks!

    Price drop $300 OBRO
  6. Traded and headed to aus!
  7. i just said dud, because no one seemed to be showing any love. regardless, i am willing to try it out, but have no idea if the asking price is fair or not. does anyone have any ideas? just to be clear, i am not trying to sell this, i am a buyer who wants to get this for my own personal use, just have no idea how much i should be paying for it. i hit it and feels fine, sound is a bit different, but overall still something i want to try.
  8. thanks for the replies everyone. seems like a really good deal on paper, but sounds like it might be a dud head based on your comments. still seems like a fairly good price for a top tier jdm head, but hesitant to spend on it if no one thinks it is worth the time
  9. what do you think? and if the consensus is "real," what would be a fair price for this head? Also looked for any reviews or notes on this head. Other than the romaro website, doesn't seem there is information on it. Anyone care to chime in? Thanks everyone!
  10. YURURI NANTETSU putter

    What finish is on that? Would be interested if it is maintenance free...