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  1. title says it all
  2. tomcat

    WTB dogatti pt 135 putter shaft

  3. hi there... Bought a TaylorMade Tour Red L Neck Spider Putter 2 weeks ago. What a great feel... 8/10 with 6ft. Great roll, very smooth impact but good feedback. I was wondering if you were aware of any similar product in the JDM world... Not sure this unicorn would exists...maybe a honeymoon but I'd like to compare with the Zen which is a complete different animal and my gamer for the last 4 years. Thanks T
  4. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    Unloading few things... All pics with me, just drop me a message with your email... IRON Project X 5.5 new uncut 3-PW SOLD MCI 100s 4-PW used - SOLD MCI 100s 4-PW + 2W new - uncut (only 6i has been prepped and trimmed - 36" raw) - SOLD MCI 100s wedges x5 - 33.5 raw MCI 120s 4i (used) + wedge (new) Nippon Shaft 2g18S 3-PW (3i 40.5 uncut - 4i 36.75 then -0.5 until PW @ 33.75) - 200 130 USD+ shipping Nippon Shat Tour 130 S wedges x2 Nippon Shat Tour 120 X wedges x2 UT GD Tour AD UT 85S - 38.5 - pured - 80 USD Quadra FEX UT 85S - 38.75 (was playing 41 in AF903 head) - 150 120 USD + shipping - just one practice session WOODS GD Tour AD GT7s from 3w Tourstage head - 41.75 - SOLD DRIVERS Quadra FEX 65s - 43.5" SOLD Fuji Speeder 569 evolution I Regular - 44" - 100 USD Diamana Stinger 60s - 43" (was playing 44.5" in AF152 head) - one pull only, can't tell if tipped or not (I would say no with regard to flex/feel) - 270 200 USD+ shipping Selling as well this AF152 head. Condition 7/10. Face is mint, few very light scratches on the sole. No brainer.. 230 190 USD shipped
  5. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    MCI sold
  6. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    PX 5.5 sold
  7. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    price drop ...moving house in 3 weeks and really want to get rid of this before
  8. Chris, do you know the shaft profile? Especially weight distribution?
  9. tomcat

    premium 100+ gram composites

    MCI still available :)
  10. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    Bump 152 is 10* loft
  11. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    Open to offers
  12. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    GD Tour AD GT7s sold
  13. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    thanks - C was in the pre-sale market for this one :)
  14. tomcat

    AF152 head + shafts

    Quadra FEX Driver and MCI 100s used sold
  15. Quadra FEX 65s + Quadra UT 85s Diamana Stinger 60s GD TOur AD UT 85s
  16. tomcat

    Epon 205 3 and 5 woods

    couple of nice options on yahoo auction japan
  17. tomcat

    Shaft equivalence

    Hi Just did a fitting yesterday. For the driver, I need more tip weighted profile. Currently playing Stinger 60s on AF152. Best combo was with a low launch head (917 D3 in 9.5*) and Fuji Pro 53 s (will be built on AF153 10* head). Would you know any similar profile in the JDM world? Thanks
  18. No need to close this one as Epon is not sold on TSG for a long time now...
  19. tomcat

    WTB - Epon AF 503 AW

    Hi Folks Looking to buy the 50* to complete my 503 set. Can be new or mint condition. Could potentially trade few things. MCI shafts, Zodia materpiece wedges, AF903 20*, quadra FEX 65s, quadra UT 85s etc... Let me know what you have T
  20. Hi guys, Title says it all ^^ For a buddy of mine. Thanks T
  21. Thanks guys for your interest. Now sold and heading to CA
  22. Long time since I last posted on BST. Unloading these heads. This is the non-platted version on the 316. Correct me if I'm wrong, but only 50 set were made on top of my head. So a real collector piece ^^. I used them last year but went back to 503 this season for more forgiveness. I haven't hit the platted version so don't ask for difference :) They don't rust that much, pics seek for themselves. And I live in the UK.... Small scratches on the 7i sole due to a chip in a fairway bunker, otherwise in perfect condition. Small white residues of spray powder on faces I used as impact tape. No bag chatter. Will come with a set of knitted head covers. Asking 1,100 USD shipped anywhere, net to me. I'm based in London.
  23. thanks mate. Yes for Europe / US. Halved for Asia
  24. new try... 750usd net to me shipped in Europe/US. Shipping halved for Asia