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  1. $100 price drops!!!! last price drops ALSO!!!! ... lets get these out of my HOUSE!
  2. ahha no dings but some light scuffs u can see in pictures from normal use .... I dont trust the club builders near me to pull it ... thats why im selling the bangvoo XFLEX as well (i live in small town)
  3. never tried these unfortunately ... but i do love the SPBs i have
  4. Ok got 2 kids now and stepping out of the game to become a occasional golfer now... need to get these out ... please use pictures as the condition of the items as ALL ITEMS IS USED! if you need or want more pictures please let me know. First up is Yamada Musashi (Either im selling this or the Nike RORS that will be on sale on another forum not both) 34" with blue grip. stock head cover included .... $1,000 $950 $850Shipped Epon 153 9.5* with BangVOO Premium FLEX-S 250 cpm ...$675 $550 SOLDShipped Callaway Legacy "stenson" 4-PW True Temper s95 shafts... actually never hit these but bought used... $500 SOLDshipped Titleist Cold Forged Wedges 50* and 56* stock s200 shafts .... $SOLD Epon X -56.12 Wedge ... just got off auction site for fun ... $80 shipped Titleist T-MB 7 Iron with stock s200 shaft ... $ $SOLD N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 Flex S... these were pulls i never used... $ $SOLD Epon AF-903 20* Head - $ $SOLD ROMBAX BANGVOO Premium Shaft in X-Flex 270 cpm with Callaway Tip(not sure which callaway head)... $225 $200 Shipped
  5. that's interesting... Here is a email you sent to me 2 days after you got it... your description doesn't seem to match your email you sent to me... i knew you it was bs when you said i sent you damaged club.... i would beware of this guy ... email he sent - "Hello, I received the driver yesterday and it is little worse condition than I thought. There is small ding on the crown you did not say too. I am thinking of buying just new one if you can accept return. Can you do that? Thank you"
  6. modart sold ...thanks nobmontana
  8. spoon ... i would but i dont trust any club builders around me to do the pull
  9. Length is 46 inches, weighs 303 grams, head weight of 198 grams , balance D2.5 Real loft is 10.5
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