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  1. Been a while, just seeing if anyone still willing to sell. Maybe just the 58* one.
  2. Those are not the double Milled wedges I’m requesting. Still looking.
  3. Anyone with double Milled wedge available?
  4. squishyy


    Your ad shows $110 shipped after two price drops. Then I PM you confirming the price and you say no. What is the actual price? Confused...
  5. Yes, looking to feed the need for spin. Would like to purchase a set. Please PM me if you have a set. Heads or shafted to NY USA. State condition and price shipped Thank you.
  6. Looking for a 52/58 combo. PM me with price shipped to NY, condition, heads or shafted.
  7. Hi Guys, So I'm in the midst of planning a trip to Japan...visiting many cities such as well...Tokyo and its neighborhoods as well as visiting Okinawa, etc. I've come to two locations that I will be staying -- Naha and Ishigaki. I'm asking you fellow locals if you have any recommendations or suggestions as to some of the best places to eat in these two areas. Any ideas would be great and if I need to make a reservation please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Getting back to this topic, very motivated to sell due to home purchase. willing to listen to All offers. No offers refused.
  9. Trade interests: epon p2 epon af cb epon af303 epon af502 copper
  10. Alright, send your lowball offers at me. I'm posting these up on eBay when I return. Need funds to cover house purchase.
  11. Okay, I'd be happy to listen to the following trades: Epon p2 Epon p3 Af303 Af502
  12. Price drop, really need the money now. send me an offer if you feel my price is too high.
  13. Okay...how about the regular one...any cheap sets going around?
  14. Okay, send me offers if you want these. I'll listen...
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