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  1. RT @TheEllenShow: Call now! 1-800-593-9700 https://t.co/Ing1jgJeEq #OneVoice #SomosUnaVoz https://t.co/qyz06v1PKh

  2. RT @JSB_TV: Woke up still depressed. It stings, but we need to rally together. Support local clubs, get kids in sport, we'll be better off…

  3. RT @NBCNightlyNews: "The Puerto Rico and the San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there," San Juan's mayor tells @GadiNBC as she fi…

  4. RT @MarcAnthony: El poder de la oración es inmenso, seguimos orando por Puerto Rico y México. Estamos con ustedes #MiGente #PrayforPuertoRi…

  5. RT @WatchStadium: 🎶Despacito This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico I just wanna hear you screaming, "¡Ay, Bendito!"🎶 https://t.co/JjZt5s…

  6. RT @Kyle_Sielaff: I know many are worried/scared/anxious, but we’ll be with you along the @MarlinsRadio Network tonight to provide you with…

  7. RT @Sam4nd: The new R2-D2 and BB-9E droids by @Sphero are incredible!! They're so lifelike and real! Buy one today @BestBuy: https://t.co/x…

  8. Not sure 🤔 I'm placing this order for #water #kidsmilk #cannedtuna… https://t.co/ilAyTmzdLa

  9. #asg #electricrun5k #marlins #marlinsayudanrunclub #marlinsayudan @… https://t.co/tdIpliHYBC

  10. RT @BsbLifestyle__: MLB umpire John Tumpane saved a woman from jumping off a bridge before umping in Pittsburgh. Truly heroic 😳🙏 https://t.…

  11. RT @HAIMtheband: WANT YOU BACK VIDEO TOMORROW 6am PST/ 9am EST/ 2pm BST https://t.co/UraQz6Zaz1

  12. RT @BsbLifestyle__: This kid is an absolute inspiration https://t.co/nw8yQZ251h

  13. RT @JessBlaylock: The only thing that makes crazy turbulence easier to deal with is 60+ players, staff, & broadcasters treating the drops l…

  14. RT @Louis57TM: All set for the US Open. Course is great and very fair. Can't wait! https://t.co/kGKSGODeJs

  15. RT @Marlins: Ozo among NL outfielders: 🔸.333 AVG (1st) 🔸.400 OBP (3rd) 🔸70 H (3rd) 🔸14 HR (T-3rd) 🔸.576 SLG (4th) 🔸39 RBI (4th) #VoteOzuna…