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  1. $105 has been offered
  2. I have a brand new set. Please let me know if still interested.
  3. I have a set in great condition. Where are you located?
  4. jc7979


    Does anyone has feedbacks of how they play.
  5. I will take those shafts if anyone is interested in the heads
  6. For sale is a set of brand new Quardra p-4 plus 3 wedge shafts. Total of 10 shafts in SR flex asking $450 gifted shipped cont US
  7. Please let me know if you got one or something very similar.
  8. jc7979

    WTB Epon AF 902

    Open to any loft! Except 18 deg
  9. 52 and 56 with higher bounce
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