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  1. Happy to do heads only to save on postage too
  2. Used condition but pics tell the story Currently have AMT dgs300 shafts and black iomic grips both in very good used condition 5 iron measures approx 38.75" Looking to trade these gorgeous irons as I'm just not able to get the best out of them. Located Sydney Australia
  3. 52/08 and 56/12 with KBS TOUR V SHAFTS and original yamaha grips Not looking for anything but open to ideas Pickup sydney or post ok
  4. Oh my!!!! Beautiful looking irons there Wish i had the $$$ spare at the moment
  5. Was this one bought from petethepilot http://forum.tourspecgolf.com/topic/37143-sold-george-spirits-mono-style1-m1-center-shafted-putter/?fromsearch=1
  6. 9/10 condition with headcover and black gripmaster grip. will post pics shortly Looking to trade for something cool Maybe a different preferably face balanced mallet putter or wedges or ? Located in Sydney
  7. Golfalli had one a while back Maybe pm him
  8. I've got a Gauge Design Eldik putter 34" in easily 9/10 condition with original head cover and grip Not sure what I'm after to trade but all enquiries will be responded to I'm located in nw Sydney
  9. Where are you at Potuna?
  10. PRGR driving iron gone. Open to offers on others especially the KZG blades
  11. Can shaft the KZG ZO heads with KBS tour S shafts if anyone likes?
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